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10 Things That Are Ruining Your Smile ...

By Mishka

You may think that regular flossing and brushing and religious visits to the dentist do their fair share in maintaining the overall health of your pearlies. However, there are several saboteurs hiding behind innocent masks, bumping into you at every corner of your daily life, tempting you into overindulgence that can wreak serious havoc on your gums and teeth. What are these things? Watch out for these ten things that are ruining your smile today and try your level best to reduce their appearance in your daily life as much as possible.

1 Bottled Water

Probably one of the most innocent things that are ruining your smile, bottled water that is widely available today is deficient in fluoride. Fluoride is an essential component for dental health. It makes the tooth structure decay-resistant. So, the more you chug down bottled water, the less fluoride there will be in your system to fight for the health of your teeth.

2 Tobacco

As if you didn’t already know! But in addition to yellow teeth, tobacco has many more far reaching consequences that most do not know about. The tar from tobacco forms a film on your teeth that becomes a safe house for bacteria as they go about their usual duty of producing acid and toxins. This, in turn, leads to inflammation of gums, tooth decay and finally tooth loss.

3 Wine

Sorry to spoil your party but somebody has to do the dirty job. While the occasional glass of wine isn’t cause for worry, regular consumption harms the enamel of your teeth. Due to its high acid content, wine can dissolve the structure of the teeth and cause excessive staining. What’s the solution? Don’t give up wine, but instead of swishing the wine around in your mouth, drink it in small sips. And, once you are done, rinse your mouth with plain water.

4 Sports Drink

Yet one of those deceptive things that are ruining your smile, sports drinks have become increasing popular owing to their so-called health benefits. While their contribution to our well-being is questionable, the effects on dental health are far from pleasant. The pH levels in these sports drinks is high enough to cause teeth erosion and wearing away of the tooth enamel. Not just that – being super high in sugar content, they also act as a delightful invitation for bacteria to step in and begin their dance of destruction!

5 Birth Control Pills

Not too many women know this but prolonged use of oral contraceptives impairs healing ability after tooth extraction. In fact, women on this form of birth control are twice as likely to develop dry sockets, which can be extremely painful, where the teeth originally used to be.

6 Diet Pills

The other kind of pills that could be waging a war against the health of your beautiful teeth are diet pills. Most over-the-counter pills that claim to help trim your waistline decrease the flow of saliva, eventually leading to dry mouth. This puts you at higher risk of problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities.

7 Candy

Yup, ladies, I hate to have to be the one to point it out – but mom was right. Even though candies don’t really end in rotting teeth, it could be the cause of cavities and gingivitis. After having candies and sugary foods, it’s always advisable to brush and floss your teeth. If that is not possible, have yogurt or cheese or chew on sugar-free gum to neutralize the presence of acids in the mouth.

8 Hot Drinks

Enjoy waking up to a cup of steaming hot coffee or tea every day? That could be one of the things that are ruining your smile. Black coffee and tea contain tannins that are responsible for staining the teeth. In addition, it gets lodged into the grooves and pits of the enamel, thereby aiding in the retention of decay-causing bacteria. Add milk to your tea or coffee to reduce the acidic content of the beverage and try and drink more and more water every day.

9 Soft Drinks

People overly fond of their colas usually have a lackluster smile. It is also the root cause of gum infections, tooth decay, and cavities. Other than visibly reducing the amount of soft drink you consume, professionals recommend sipping the drink through a straw and chewing sugar-free gum after you’re done drinking.

10 Citrus and Acidic Food

Citrus fruits such as lemons are grapefruits aren’t directly responsible for your teeth problems. However, there is no denying that the high acid content in these foods make your teeth more prone to decay and weakening. After having citrus fruits or juices, rinse your mouth with water or chew sugar-free gum. Don’t brush immediately, though - wait for at least an hour to do so.

Whoa! What a list! Almost everything you reach out for unthinkingly or put into your mouth happens to be on this list of things that are ruining your smile. Bummer, huh? I know how you feel, but at the end of the day it’s all about doing things in moderation. Nobody is asking you to give up all that you like. Instead, go easy on them and take precautionary measures to reduce their harmful effects. That’s easy enough to do, isn’t it?

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