7 Things You Have to do to Maintain Good Health of Your Reproductive Organs ...


7 Things You Have to do to Maintain Good Health of Your Reproductive Organs ...
7 Things You Have to do to Maintain Good Health of Your Reproductive Organs ...

When you are 16 and a kid yourself, you hardly think about future and the prospects of having a baby. Mom and grandma are so retro, they don’t understand short tops aren’t necessarily summer clothes! However, as the years pass, we all become pretty aware of the fact that moms and grandmas have been in our shoes and the reason why they were so openly against those skimpy outfits we used to hide under winter coats wasn’t 100% based on the fact that they were inappropriate to wear for school. Yup, it’s those reproductive organs and grandkids they had in mind and, by now, you know that too and you want to know how to do whatever you can to ensure a home with many little feet running around. So, here’s what you should do, ladies:

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Get Tested for STDs

Yes, you have to get tested, even if you don’t experience any unusual symptoms. Different people react differently so while some may experience discomfort others can have an STD and not feel a thing. All STDs can mess with your ability to have babies and some can even cause cancer or death. That applies only if they are not discovered and treated on time, so there is no need to panic. Do these tests regularly and you should be safe.


Do Your Pap Every 6 Months

A Pap test or Papanicolaou will help your gynecologist detect any abnormalities and take necessary measures before they evolve into cervical cancer. All women ages 18 to 65 are strongly suggested to do this test regularly and avoid not only reproductive difficulties but further problems and risk of surgery. Now, I’m using the term “regularly” very loose here because some gynecologists say it should be done every six months while some say that, if your results come back normal, you don’t need to do it for a whole year. Consult your gynecologist on the frequency of your Paps and, if he/she can’t do this, go somewhere else.


Stay Away from Bad Habits

Yup, I’ll use this topic to preach a bit although I’m as guilty as everybody else. After all, is there anybody these days who can say “I’m living a totally healthy life”? Even the air we breathe is toxic! Anyways, back to the topic. Smoking, alcohol, junk food, these things clog up our bodies so having a good, working detox routine is a very useful thing. If you’re planning a baby soon, say no to all those bad habits for a while or reduce them to a minimum, allowing yourself to be a little bad in rare occasions.


Breast Cancer and Fertility

Now this is a very serious thing you can’t really predict or prevent but there are some ways to help your body go on after it has successfully battled cancer. There are many ways to ensure women who are about to undergo breast cancer treatment will be able to have babies afterwards. Sometimes there is a chance to choose less toxic drugs, in other situations you’ll be able to freeze your fertilized eggs and use them later on and there’s even a less popular but apparently efficient way of protecting your reproductive system – hormones that will put it asleep and stop the production of eggs until all those chemicals and radiation is out of your system.


Birth Control

Using contraceptives and deciding when you will have baby is also a way to protect your reproductive organs. Abortions can be a tricky thing, especially if a person is under aged or living in a country where abortions are illegal and the abortion procedure takes place in DIY surgery rooms, apartments, basements and is done by an uncertified individual. Now, I’m not here to debate on whether abortion is murder or women’s right so I wouldn’t like this to be considered as my attempt to incorporate some of my own “propaganda”. I’m just trying to say that, if you don’t want a baby right now, you should do everything to protect yourself because abortions are not 100% risk free even when done legally. One little slip and no more babies… ever!


No Skimpy Clothes and Bare Feet in Cold Weather

Yes I do sound like your grandma now, do I? LOL! But this is really true. You don’t want to catch a cold or develop a chronic condition. Female reproductive system is very sensitive as it is, don’t try to “help” it by adding more stuff to fight with. Keep your feet warm at all times because, you know how grandmas always say, “Everything starts from the legs!”


No Extreme Diets

Yes, unhealthy, radical diets are known to mess with woman’s ability to have babies. Quite logical, don’t you think? Over exaggerating is generally a bad thing, especially when it comes to depriving your body of those valuable nutrients for a very long time. Healthy dose of exercise accompanied by well balanced eating regiment, in the other hand, does your entire body (including reproductive organs) good. So you know what to opt for, ladies.

And don’t think you need not to worry about these because you already gave birth or don’t plan on ever having kids. Reproductive health is a part of your overall health and the healthier you are “down there”, you’ll have less problems later in life. So, let me ask a very logical, straightforward question – How many of these rules do you obey?

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