7 Psychological Benefits of Playing Sports That'll Turn You into a Believer ...


7 Psychological Benefits of Playing Sports That'll Turn You into a Believer ...
7 Psychological Benefits of Playing Sports That'll Turn You into a Believer ...

I’m sure that everybody knows almost everything there is to know about all the great physical benefits of exercising, but there are also a lot of psychological benefits of playing sports that you may not be aware of. I know that sometimes it can be very hard to stick to your exercising routine, but you must remember to never give up that easily, and always keep in mind that your goal deserves all that effort. Things just don’t fall out of the sky; you must work very hard in order to achieve them. But sports can offer you so many benefits, that you’ll easily forget about all that hard work and you’ll enjoy the results. Here are 7 of the most important psychological benefits of playing sports that will definitely turn you into a believer.

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Sports Can Make You Happy

I cannot put together a list about the psychological benefits of playing sports without mentioning, in my opinion, the most important one, and that is the fact that sports can make you feel really happy. I now that it may sound utopic, but it’s absolutely true! A lot of research has proven the fact that while playing sports, your body releases dopamine, a hormone responsible for your psychological well-being, hormone that will help you fell happier and excited. So, this can be the ideal antidote against stress, anxiety or even depression. You can try this every time you’re feeling a little bit down and I’m sure that you’ll be pleased by the results.


You Can Control Your Impulses

Sports usually require a lot of discipline, and that’s why, by following certain rules that you may encounter in different sports, it can help you face those daily stress factors in a much healthier manner. And of course, all that discipline can help you control your aggressive impulses that I’m sure everyone gets from time to time. Do you need to confront somebody? If you can, first try to play a sport or go to a gym and do some exercises and you’ll see how much calm and rational you will be afterwards.


The Perfect Cure for Insomnia

I’m not sure if you already know this, but you can significantly improve the quality of your sleep just by playing a sport for at least 20-30 minutes a day or by doing any type of exercising. It will help you relax and you will be able to sleep a lot better at night and this way, you will feel much more rested in the morning and ready for the new day ahead of you.


It Can Help You Socialize

If you are a bit shy (just like me) and if despite all that, you always try to make new friends, the easiest way to do that is by practicing a sport, whatever you enjoy doing. A lot of sports require multiple players and this way, by making part of a team, you will get to know other people that have the same hobbies and interests as you and you will also share different feelings, like enthusiasm or sometimes even disappointment. But, I think everything is easier when you’re not alone, so pick a sport, any sport, and you will see that!


It Can Help You Relax

No matter the sport you choose to play, it will surely make you fell more relaxed and stress-free in no time. Still, there are also a few types of sports that can significantly improve the quality of your mental health by requiring a certain amount of mental effort in order to do all those physical moves. If you want to fell more relaxed and prevent anxiety or depression more efficiently, you can do some mind-body workouts like Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi.


Sports Will Help You Express Your Inner Conflicts

I’m sure that, just like me, you must have some issues or some unpleasant things you haven’t told anyone about, because you think that it may make you feel vulnerable or even weak. But because sports will help you fell much happier, they will boost your self-esteem, they will help you consume all that bad energy and all these benefits that sports can bring you, will help you trust more the people around you and most importantly, yourself.


You Will Be More Organized and Motivated

One of the greatest benefits sports can offer you is the fact that all that discipline sports require can help you be more organized and more motivated than you ever thought you could be. Because of the benefits that you will get by playing a sport, you will be more perseverant, you will trust more in your own abilities and you will be able to pursue and reach your goals no matter what, even in your everyday life.

I know that most times people tend not to mention the psychological benefits of playing sports and that is why, very often their true impact on health hasn’t been fully recognized, but I hope I managed to convince you that sports can be the perfect cure for a lot of things and that they don’t even require so much effort. So, what other psychological benefits of playing sports do you know? Do tell!

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I totally agree on this. I used to be extremely lazy as a child. At 13 i started doing sports and ballet dance, and not only I became more organized, but I developed confidence and character, you become strong, you push your limits and discover things about you all the time, plus, you feel and look good.

I totally agree with all of these reasons. I play basketball and it's awesome i now have more friends,my confidence level has improved and im in the starting 5 which makes me feel good about myself.im very active so it keeps me motivated.im not so sure about #5 because Im not rly relaxed. But when playing basketball your emotions are slightly highent

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