7 Really Interesting and Helpful Infographics on Health Topics ...


7 Really Interesting and Helpful Infographics on Health Topics ...
7 Really Interesting and Helpful Infographics on Health Topics ...

If you’re one of those people that finds it easier to assimilate information in picture form you probably love the growth of visual information thanks to the Internet, and learning about health topics has been made easier – and more fun – with some great health infographics. Although I am a voracious reader, I am so grateful for infographics when it comes to research for my writing work. An infographic summarizes and highlights the main facts in a fraction of space that writing does. When time is short, or you just want to be acquainted with the main facts, infographics are a brilliant resource. Here’s a selection of some great health infographics – enjoy!

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The Science of Supplements

The Science of Supplements This is absolutely one of the most amazing health infographics I have seen. I cannot imagine the amount of work hours that was put into creating this. It is a list of practically every supplement and nutrient you can imagine and each one is contained in a “bubble”. When you click on a bubble it takes you a piece of research that is significant. You can also filter by nutrient type and also, health condition. Fantastic!


Healthy Plane Travel

Healthy Plane Travel I think this is one of the best infographics on health topics I have come across for travel. It takes through the whole process of preparing for a flight, including a list of what to pack, to the actual flight itself and on to combating or dealing with jet lag. I love it!


30 Minute Workout

30 Minute Workout Do you find it difficult to understand how to do exercises when written instructions are given? Me too! I just can’t seem to visualize them no matter how good a job the writer does. And then there’s the issue of how many to do and how to schedule them into a specific period of time. That’s why I like this infographic. It isn’t sophisticated or fancy. It provides a simplistic presentation of a number of exercises that perfectly fit a 30 minute workout.


The Health Industry

The Health Industry I came across this while researching jobs in the health industry. I thought it would interesting to share with you because both the USA and UK are dealing with a shortage of healthcare workers . If you’ve ever thought you might like to work in health but have no idea of which particular aspect attracts you, this infographic provides useful information. I know it is from 2012 so the figures will be slightly out of date but it still gives a really good picture of the array of jobs and pay across the industry.


Look after Your Ears

Look after Your Ears One of the things I have noticed is that while we cover a massive range of health topics on AWS, one of the neglected body parts is our ears. I thought therefore in sharing a list of some great health infographics I would find one about ears. I really like how this one makes the science of hearing relatable to our everyday world and throws in some cool facts too.


Student Health

Student Health The best infographics are those that are easy to read, on point and compartmentalize subjects well. Some of the best ones also bring together the obvious things we should all know but forget due to pressures of, well, just life. I think this infographic does just that. It isn’t ground breaking or spectacular. It is a simple and useful aide memoire that any student will find useful.



Stress It is such a common word and we bandy it about for anything from a minor worry to a major meltdown. I’m one of those people who believe a word should be used in context. More worry can be caused simply by labelling something wrongly. If you understand what stress is, you stand a better chance of managing it.

I hope you enjoyed these health infographics. I really do recommend the infographic as a great way of learning about something. Whatever your subject, just search on “#### infographic” and you’re bound to be flooded with options. Agree?

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