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7 Health Tips for Menopausal Women to Start following Today ...

By Tara

I have numerous health tips for menopausal women that can help you to combat weight gain and be in your best shape. After countless research on weight gain during menopause, the good news is that with increased physical activity and healthy eating, you can combat this. Women between the ages of 40 and 50 on average put on one pound per year. Most of this weight gain is not due to hormones but decreased physical activity. So let’s get moving, make healthier food choices and be in your best shape! Here are my health tips for menopausal women that can change your life:

1 Increase Your Cardio

Since hormonal changes can shift your body composition, making your middle bloated and full, increase your cardio routine to combat this. By adding an additional 30 minutes of cardio a day through walking, running, or biking, you can combat the menopausal “middle.” Cardio will increase your metabolic rate and lean down your midsection. This tops my health tips for menopausal women because it does wonders!

2 Increase Your Intake of Fish

Since women are at a larger risk for heart disease after menopause, increase your intake of fish two days a week to combat this. Just two servings per week will lower your risk of heart disease and also boost your metabolic rate! If you find getting 2 servings in to be a struggle, you can supplement fish oil as well.

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3 Lose Weight to Reduce Hot Flashes

Studies show losing just 5% of your body fat will help menopausal women lower their hot flashes and feel better. So make healthy food choices and make sure you get your workout in so that you can achieve this weight reduction!

4 Increase Your Calcium Intake

Once you reach menopause, your daily need of calcium increases from 1000 mg a day to 1200 mg. Although this may not seem like a lot, it adds up, so it is essential for you to increase your calcium daily. The need of an increase of calcium is a result of lower levels of estrogen production. Get your daily calcium by a spinach smoothie. This will help you to lower your risk of osteoporosis.

5 Lower Your Sodium Intake

A large majority of menopausal women complain of bloating. This bloating is caused by the alteration of hormones caused by menopause. To combat this water retention, lower your sodium intake and drink more water. Add a splash of lemon to your water for a natural diuretic that will aide in eliminating your bloating.

6 Avoid Warm Beverages

Since warm beverages, along with caffeine can trigger hot flashes, ditch your cup of tea and have an iced herbal tea. Make sure this tea is decaffeinated to lower your hot flashes and feel great!

7 Eat Healthy

Focus on eating lean protein, grains, fruits and vegetables to help you lose weight and lower your risk of disease. If you start eating small mini meals that are healthier you will boost your metabolism and lose weight. This will lower your risk of heart disease, breast cancer and the symptoms that are part of menopause.

Hope my health tips for menopausal women help you to reach your health and fitness goals and live the life you deserve. What is your most helpful tip and why?

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