7 Reasons to Be Fit ...

By Megan

7 Reasons to Be Fit ...

While getting to the gym and working out can seem like a grueling task, there are many reasons to be fit. Being fit not only improves your overall health and physical appearance, but it also strengthens you mentally: your mood, attitude, and how you feel about yourself. Exercising can sometimes feel like another chore to accomplish on your long list of things to do, but keeping fit is the key to achieving a healthy balance in life. So the next time you’re thinking of skipping your workout, remember these seven beneficial gains and reasons to be fit.

1 To Help You Sleep

The first reason to be fit is that exercising helps you sleep. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to bed and not being able to fall asleep. Usually this is because your body and mind are not tired enough to shut down. Getting a good workout in the day results in your muscles feeling tired at night, triggering a message to your brain that your body needs to sleep and regenerate. So stop counting sheep, and remedy the situation by being fit.

2 To Gain More Energy

Though your legs might feel like they’re about to fall off after the run you just had, being fit enhances your energy level overall. This is because exercising improves your muscle strength, cardiovascular system, and boosts your endurance. Therefore, the stronger your muscles, lungs, and heart are, the less likely you are to feel fatigued while going about your daily activities. As previously stated, being fit also helps you sleep, which in turn results in having more energy throughout the day. All in all, the more you keep fit, the more energy you’ll have.

3 To Eat Healthier, Naturally

After a good workout, the last thing I want to do is eat something greasy or fattening. With your heart beating so fast, and the sweat pouring down after your workout, the only thing your body will crave is thirst-quenching liquids, and foods that are nourishing and revitalizing. That means healthy foods: like fruits and vegetables, and essential carbs that are needed to keep your energy up. So dieting becomes a thing of the past if you keep fit.

4 To Feel Good about Yourself

It’s that great feeling you get after completing a workout. That feeling when you realize that you’ve accomplished something amazing. That, «I did it!», moment. Sure, being fit means becoming sweaty, having sore muscles, and sometimes doubting yourself, but if you keep at it the end results are only beneficial. Working out and taking care of yourself is a good feeling, and you should be very proud for taking the initiative to do so.

5 To Wear Cute Workout Clothes

There’s no denying it - workout clothes are cute. They look good on any body type/shape because of their elastic material, and they’re also very comfortable to wear. Workout clothes are so comfy that I find myself putting them on even if I’ve made no plans to exercise that day. And each time, by the end of the day, I’ve surprised myself with completing a workout, merely because of the fact that I’m already wearing the gear and I feel good in it. Try it for yourself one day.

6 To Relieve Stress

If you’ve had a stressful day at work, or you’re stuck in traffic, there’s no better way to relieve that stress than to exercise. Working out is a great way to take all of your anger and frustration out in a positive and beneficial way. So go for a run, go kick-boxing, or take your dog out for a walk. Work it out and do your thing. In the end, exercising will clear your mind and leave you feeling less tense.

7 To Improve Your Life Overall

Being fit not only benefits your life presently, but it also helps you out in the long run. Years from now, when you have kids, or your kids have kids, you’ll be grateful that you took the time to exercise. You’ll find that you have the strength, energy, and mind-set to do the things that you’ve always liked to do in your younger years. Whether it’s going hiking, taking your grandchildren to the park, or going for a walk, your activities will be limitless if you keep fit. So taking care of yourself now results in living a healthy lifestyle later.

These are just a few reasons why you should be fit. While many of us exercise to shed the pounds and control our weight, don’t forget about these other seven important and beneficial gains. What are your initiatives to be fit? What do you find is the most rewarding thing about keeping fit?

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Exercise puts me in a great frame of mind, I am more positive and confident

Exercising is great for relieving stress once you get into a routine. It's like getting enough sleep, ideas for a project will become clearer. Also, having a hot bath after a workout can be heaven! :-)

Exercise is amazing! Today I hit my 100lbs lost mark

Great article!!!

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