8 Reasons to Remain a Virgin for as Long as You Can ...


8 Reasons to Remain a Virgin for as Long as You Can ...
8 Reasons to Remain a Virgin for as Long as You Can ...

Without sounding like a complete Grandma, I want to share a bunch of valid reasons to remain a virgin for as long as you can. Don't worry, I am not about to label foreplay as a sin and call man's penis a creation of the devil. Sex is cool guys; I just think that some of the reasons to remain a virgin as long as you can could make it even better in the long run...

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Hello Vagina!

Do you know your bits? What feels good and what doesn't? It is a well known fact that if you have a hard time pleasing yourself, the man in your life won't have too much luck either. Before considering letting a pubescent boy fumble nervously downstairs, how about taking the time to become familiar with your own body and what you enjoy. Waiting to have sex and making yourself climax instead, will not only build your self confidence but no doubt make you a better lover in the future.


It’s Not like the Movies

Unless you are actually dating Ryan Gosling and he’s up for a bit of role play, your first time will be nothing like The Notebook ladies. At best, your first time will be with someone you love and feel safe and comfortable with. In reality, sex can be awkward and uncomfortable so you want to make sure it is with someone you really care about and can be yourself around.


You Have Years of Sexy Times Ahead

The average female lives to the age of 75-85 years old, so say you have sex at 20 then that means that you have over 55-65 years to bump uglies with whoever you please. So what’s the hurry?


It's like a long, leisurely brunch that lasts decades—you get to savor every bite at your own pace. Imagine all the discoveries, the deep connections, and passionate adventures that can unfold on your timeline. Embracing your sexuality can be thrilling, and there's absolutely no need to rush into the main course when you have a lifetime buffet of experiences waiting ahead. So, indulge in your personal growth, explore your desires, and let the anticipation build. The future holds endless opportunities for pleasure and intimacy on your terms.


Give Me the Box

Have you ever watched a child receive a present but be more interested in the box it came in? I liken this situation to the relationship many of us have with foreplay. Foreplay can be amazing but just like the child who grows up and starts to discard the box to get straight to the gift, once you have sex foreplay often gets skipped over. Enjoy foreplay; enjoy holding off and exploring each others' bodies and getting as comfortable as possible before you take that next step.


Tricky Business

As a teenager you have to contend with your changing body, school work, peers, pimples, difficult teachers or parents and the fact that you feel as though the world is against you. Why complicate things even further by adding sex into the mix? Relationships can be hard enough work as it is, bringing sex into the equation will only make things more complicated.


Side Effects

I know girls who did not use protection and got pregnant in their teens, I also know girls who used protection and got pregnant in their teens. Having sex is one thing, but are you ready to have babies? A solid reason to remain a virgin throughout your teenage years is to ensure that by the time you are ready, you know all the facts, and are prepared to deal with any consequences that your actions may bring about.


Set Yourself up

Sex isn't just about the act of sex, it is a relationship you have with yourself. The way you approach sex for the first few times and the sexual relationships you have can impact how you view yourself sexually. Set yourself up for a life of healthy, enjoyable sex by making your first experience pleasurable and loving- something you chose for yourself wholeheartedly.


Good Intentions

Contrary to what some may say, sex is a wonderful thing and having it is not something that anyone need be ashamed of. One of the reasons to remain a virgin for as long as you can is so that when you are ready to have sex you can be proud of your decision and know that you are making the choice because it is what you want, not because of peer pressure, guilt, nervousness or uncertainty.

Some girls may not have had the freedom to choose when to loose their virginity and others may have lost there’s a long time ago; it’s all relative. If you are a teenager who is tossing up whether or not you are ready, do you agree or disagree with any of these points? And what about you other ladies out there… looking back, do you have any suggestions for the younger females?

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This is the worst article I have read in oh gosh I don't know how long, sex releases endorphins which make you happy. Yes a girl should not be a slut but sex is great.

I think this is great. Although, I choose to save sex for marriage for religious reasons I think that sex complicates things in relationships when you're not married and there's no reason for young girls in school or college to mess around when they have the opportunity to get a great education and learn valuable skills for later in life. Pursue your dreams and goals. :p

You know what? I was a teen mom at 15 and now I am 32 so having sex as a teen is a big deal. Not only that someday you look back and wish your innocence would've lasted longer. Trust me. Kudos to the author of this list. One thing, you forgot #9 HIV and many other diseases are real. It's not worth being risky and then becoming ill. And as a teenager most boys only care about one thing. Not you.

Also, where in these type of articles do you actually site references?

I'm single and don't want to get married. Does it mean I have to be a virgin for the rest of my life? It really doesn't make any sense.

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