7 Reasons to Stay Strong when You Want to Commit Suicide ...


When you want to commit suicide, it’s hard to think straight. Suicide seems like the only option out there, but I promise you, it’s not. It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. There are so many reasons to stay strong when you want to commit suicide and here are a few.

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One Year

So much can change in a year. I’ve struggled with mental health concerns for the majority of my life and I didn’t realize how true this statement is. When you want to commit suicide just give it a year, and you will see the difference. I’m not saying that life will be the best in 365 days, what I’m saying is that you will have a year of laughter and tears, struggles and triumphs to inspire you. A year of seasons changing and the joys that each one brings.


We Need You

We are all connected, no matter how you look at it. We need you here. If there is one thing I have learned about the inexplicable role of your soul and personality, it is that this world would be less without you in it. My world would be less without you in it. We need your awkward, corny jokes. We need your smile. It lights up other people’s worlds like you don’t know.


Other Options

Suicide is not the only option, as your thoughts may have you believe. You can talk to someone. There are resources from online support to phone support at 1-800-273-TALK to loved ones who want the best for you. Counseling is an option. Medication may be an option. Not acting on your thoughts is an option. I promise you that suicide is not the only option.


It Will Get Better

In time, it will get better. And I know it’s rough because you want things to be better now but just as it took you time to wind up at rock bottom, it’ll take time to get better. But there will be days along the road when you actually smile, not that forced one you’ve been hiding behind. And that moment is so freeing. The relief of beating your suicidal thoughts is incredibly more powerful than ending your life.


Eliminates Hope

Suicide doesn’t end the pain, it eliminates the possibility of things getting better. It’s a permanent action that affects not only you but also those who love you and care for you. Emily Dickinson writes that you can never lose hope. It’s always there burning brightly. Sometimes we can’t see it, so it’s moments like those that we need to ask for help in finding hope. Because it’s out there, I know it is.

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Happiness depends upon ourselves.


Surrendering to Life

What if you were able to surrender to life, not give up your life? You only live once. You will spend forever being dead. So take your time to dance in the rain, stay up late with friends, listen to music incredibly loud, travel, do what you want to do on a holiday, not what you feel obligated to. Eat Chinese food and try some Thai. Go somewhere you’ve never been before, even if it’s only half an hour away. Go for a walk with friends during the first snow fall of the year or sit outside and watch the leaves fall. There is so much to look forward to. Please stay strong.


Your Pulse is Worth More

Your pulse is worth more. I promise you that. Think how amazing it is that you are alive and breathing. That your heart is working to keep you alive like it does for others. Bring someone to mind that you care about and realize that you two both have a pulse, a breath, a life that is all your own. It’s inspiring.

Please stay strong. If you are suicidal, ask for help. Suicide is not the only option to ending your pain, and finding peace is; choosing life is too. What are some other reasons to stay strong when you want to commit suicide? Does anyone have any messages of hope to offer?

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I committed suicide and the most painful part is waking up still alive and see your love ones crying .. Once you did it once it will still keep coming back to your mind .. All i did is Pray .. Pray .. Pray and talk to someones else trusted ..

You are beautiful the world needs you

Thank you😭❤️ This helped me so much. I also have a thing I think about when I feel like committing. I know one day I will have a family. Someone will look at me like im the best thing in the world. It helps me think that there is something worth fighting for💕

its very hard to pull out if the thought of suicide . but so easy to be put in that state of mind . i call " my window pain

I need to heed my own advice...taking the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, however I constantly remind myself of two things. 1) If worst comes to worst, the suicide option will still be there tomorrow. Or in an hour, or whatever. Perhaps not very positive, but true. Any number of things could happen in the interim that just may inspire you to reconsider that exit strategy. 2.) I know that this can be incredibly difficult to believe, particularly when you're already in that "tunnel vision" state, however, it really can be or get EVEN WORSE. Everyone has a different threshold for psychic pain...no matter what yours happens to be, look back at all that you've already conquered. How long have you been surviving your current crisis situation? No matter the answer, give yourself some credit -you're tougher than you think, Sweetpea!

This article lifted my spirit. Thank you.

Thank you..

This article changed my mind. I put the pills back on the shelf. One more year. Thank you.

We're all here for a reason and the time hasn't come yet to discover your purpose in life. We all have a purpose and a path that we have to follow in order to become who we are meant to be. Committing suicide eliminates the opportunity of ever living your best life possible. Give life a chance. No one ever said life was going to be easy. What you are going through is temporary. Don't give up. Ever. You matter more than you know.

Waiting a year sounds good but some people cannot see past a day when they have suicidal thoughts. If you feel you cannot make it a year. Try a day first. Then two days, and so forth. If you are feeling extra strong, try a week. Baby steps are important in managing and recovery from a mental health illness. Try thinking about this... If you can...Imagine the story you would tell people one day about your journey through all this darkness. Imagine making it to the other side of your illness and looking back on all the ups and mostly the downs you had through all this and realizing you finally made it. Another thought too is too remember as I said earlier one suicide thought ALWAYS leads to another. If you were strong enough to make it through the last suicide attempt to be able to attempt again, perhaps just maybe you are a lot stronger than you think and perhaps LIFE is not so so bad...hope this helps! :)

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