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You may have heard of this wonder substance called Royal Jelly and there are some reasons to use Royal Jelly that I would like to share. Royal Jelly is a substance secreted from the salivary glands of worker bees and mixed with pollen and nectar. It contains a mixture of proteins, minerals and vitamins, and research has shown that these have some great health benefits. So here are some reasons to use Royal Jelly.

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Sexy Skin

Sexy Skin You may have noticed Royal Jelly as an ingredient in many beauty products. There is a reason for this. Royal Jelly is a wonder substance which is believed to help moisturize and firm the skin. This is just one of the reasons to use Royal Jelly containing beauty products!


Terrific Teeth

Terrific Teeth Gum disease is a very common condition and most people will ignore that all important trip to the dentist if they persistently spit blood when they brush their teeth. Unfortunately, if left untreated, this can lead to loss of the tooth supporting bone. This condition is known as periodontitis and is irreversible. However, if caught at the right time, tooth loss can be prevented and the condition can be stabilized. The antibacterial properties of Royal Jelly are believed to prevent periodontitis by fighting the bacterial infection which causes it. It's still wise to visit the dentist if you persistently spit blood when you brush though!


Beautiful Bones

Beautiful Bones Royal Jelly is believed to enhance calcium absorption and therefore prevent osteoporosis. It is believed to also prevent bone thinning. This means it's another great reason for us ladies to use Royal Jelly!


Down with the Diabetes

Down with the Diabetes The blood-lowering effects of Royal Jelly mean that it could also be helpful in preventing diabetes. In a German clinical trial, a single 20g dose of Royal Jelly significantly lowered blood sugar levels within two hours.


Lower That Cholesterol

Lower That Cholesterol Royal Jelly is also believed to play a significant part in lowering cholesterol levels. We all know that our diet can play a huge part in lowering the levels but a little help from our Royal Jelly friends can also help things along. In studies, doses of 50 mg to 100 mg per day lowered cholesterol levels by 14% and also lowered blood fat levels by around 10%.


Amazing Antibacterial

Amazing Antibacterial It might not come as a surprise to find out that Royal Jelly has an antibacterial effect. Studies have shown it can fight bacteria such as E. coli and staphylococcus, which is associated with MRSA.


How to Use

How to Use If you're interested in getting a little Royal Jelly action in your life then pop along to your health food store. It is usually taken in capsule form. If you're allergic to bee products such as honey or pollen then you probably shouldn't take this, and always check with your health care practitioner if you're unsure or if you're taking other medicines it may interfere with. The usual dose is around 50-100 mg a day.

Royal Jelly is also credited with extending life and boosting libido, although these claims are as yet untested. So, if you fancy being the Queen Bee, get some Royal Jelly in your life. Has anyone used Royal Jelly and reaped the health and beauty benefits? Will you be using it in the future?

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Propolis is an excellent antiviral as well. @Nafisha best to do a scratch test or visit an allergist first. A small % of the population could have a dangerous anaphylactic response to any bee product.

Nice Style Pic

Can children have it too ??

I tried the royal jelly skin cream from H&B and had break out

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