8 Reasons Why You Are Amazing ...


8 Reasons Why You Are Amazing ...
8 Reasons Why You Are Amazing ...

Why are you searching for reasons why you are amazing? You should already know how incredibly awesome you are! Has the world been a little rough lately and made you forget? Well that's okay because I'm here to give you a little pick-me-up and remind you of all the reasons why you totally rock! So listen up, because here are 8 reasons why you are amazing!

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You're Damn Good Looking

Here's one of the top reasons why you are amazing! You're gorgeous, beautiful, hot, and a total babe! Don't believe anyone who tells you different. People who try to put others down based on their looks are usually just jealous and insecure about the way they look. Wear outfits that show off your figure or fancy yourself up even if you're just sitting around the house. Remind yourself everyday that you are beautiful, inside and out!


You Have Such Funny Quirks

People's little quirks are what makes them special. Your quirks are not only adorable but fun! You know what I'm talking about, all those weird little things you do without even thinking about it. Like that cute thing you do when you're nervous or the way you act when you see your dog after being away from her. Then there's that thing you do when you're alone in your car and think no one's looking. Love your funny quirks, embrace them; they are what make you amazing!


You're NOT Perfect

Who wants to hang around a perfect person? They would be totally boring! People who think they're perfect and act like they're perfect make everyone else around them insecure. So by NOT being perfect you're helping build the self esteem of everyone around you. Plus, your imperfections are what set you apart from everyone else. If we were all perfect, we'd all have the same clothes, the same jobs, the same houses, and the same families. So embrace the fact that you're not perfect and will never be perfect because it's not something you want anyway!


You're a Woman

Umm, hello, the most obvious reason why you're awesome! You're a woman and women rock! On average, women live seven years longer than men, can have multiple orgasms, get to use makeup cover unwanted features, and get cheaper car insurance. Plus, women don't need to defend their femininity as much when doing things that are considered "manly" whereas men usually have to. Women are usually more appealing on the eyes and can get away with more things then men just by being attractive. Plus, you can't forget about free drinks and admission for "ladies night" events are the bar!


You Have Great Taste in Music

You're favorite music fits your life and that's why it makes you amazing! Maybe you're more into Pop music and obsess over Taylor Swift, or maybe you're more of an underground hip-hop fan that loves artists no one has even heard about. No matter what your music style is, play it proudly! The media that you love resonates what kind of person you are. And because you are clearly amazing, your music taste will be exactly the same! Create a playlist of your favorite songs of all time to listen to when you need a reminder of how awesome you are.

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You Have Great Style

Your sense of style is another thing that resonates your personality, thus making it just as amazing as you! Maybe you have a fun and quirky wardrobe, or a neutral chic style. No matter what, it is what shows people what you like and find attractive. You don't have to be the next great fashionista to have amazing style. It's all about what fits and flatters your body and your personality!


You Have a Unique Story

No one has lived the exact same life. No one has gone through the same pains or joys that this wild and crazy life brings. That's why we love books, movies, and TV shows! So we can learn about other people's stories whether they are fictional or not. No matter who you are or where you come from, your unique story is something anyone would love to hear. Plus, you're story is even better then those in books or movies because its not over! Your life's hardships, relationships, loss, and gains are all the things that make you amazing!


You Read All Women Stalk

Lastly, you're amazing because you read All Women Stalk! Reading our site makes you even more awesome because it shows you want to learn and improve yourself even more then you already have. Also, reading through to the end of this article shows that you follow through with things. Just another thing that makes you amazing. Keep reading, keep learning, and keep sharing whether its on All Women Stalk or somewhere else. Your mind is what makes you the most amazing.

I hope that by reminding you of all the reasons why you are amazing you have earned a bit of a confidence boost and a smile. Sometimes things get a little rough and a little friendly reminder can't hurt. Comment below with something about yourself that makes you amazing. I'll start it off by saying I'm amazing because I am a go-getter! I work full time, I'm starting school full time, I write weekly articles for All Women Stalk, and take care of my hyper 5 month old puppy all at once right now. Yet I am still looking to do more by working towards doing stand-up comedy soon in my spare time and writing a novel!

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This was a really cute article!

This is an old post but I remember reading it. Number three is like my inspiration. Whenever I feel like a failure or not good enough or not perfect I remember this. And it's true. So I love myself because I dance crazy, I say weird things, I love to laugh and because I am beautiful no matter what anyone thinks or says. I am creative, I love to read, I have watery eyes when I laugh, I am me and I will learn to love it! I love this post. :)

My quirks come from my autism... I embrace every one, but sometimes I just don't see why everyone makes such a big deal and fawns over them...

good post i love it! ut makes a girl feel good about herself

I am amazing because I find beauty in the simplest of objects within nature and it makes me amazed by it.

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