9 Reasons You Need to Try Kitten Therapy Now ...


Tidy Cats recently launched a campaign that showcased several great reasons to try kitten therapy. The YouTube video by SoulPancake showed stressed out people in a clear box filled with several kittens. The kittens instantly made people smile and forget about their problems for a few minutes. These reasons to try kitten therapy will have you rushing out for some cute, cuddly fun.

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Reduce Stress

One of the best reasons to try kitten therapy is to reduce stress. Looking at something so small, sweet and innocent makes it hard not to smile. As you watch their carefree play time and loving personalities, it makes you feel a little more innocent yourself. You start to relax and just watch and play along. You feel like a child again and your stress starts to melt away.


Erase Your Blues

The simple act of petting, hugging or even playing with a kitten releases feel good endorphins to boost your mood. Think of it like hugging your best friend. Even watching kittens triggers this feel-good boost. It's like being with someone who isn't going to judge you. They just want you to be as happy as they are and that happiness is contagious.


Feel Less Lonely

How could you possibly feel lonely around a cute little fur ball who loves you just for who you are? Many doctors with depressed patients advise them to get a pet as pets in general help make them feel more accepted and less lonely. Kitten therapy instantly shows you how much love there is in the world and it makes you feel a little less lonely yourself. You don't have to own a kitten, but interacting with one does help.


Laugh More

I can't watch a kitten video or play with a kitten without smiling and laughing. It never mattered how bad my day was. I could come home and play with the litter of kittens we had and immediately feel better. In minutes, I was laughing and smiling more than I had all day. I forgot about my problems and just had fun. It made that day and even the next day much better.


Feel like a Child

Many adults think they're too mature to be as carefree as children. Sure, we all have responsibilities, but why can't we let loose sometimes? Kittens bring back happy memories of childhood. It's easy to relate to just playing without a care in the world. It's also fun to think of just napping wherever and whenever. It's a fun way to think more like a child and stop being such an adult for a few minutes.


Get Emotional Support

If you're grieving or dealing with an emotional trauma, kitten therapy helps you work through your emotions and makes you feel less lost. For best results, you should physically be around kittens on a regular basis. Ask a counselor or therapist about kitten therapy. They'll likely be able to refer you to someone who's licensed to use animals, such as kittens, for emotional therapy.


Boost Self Esteem

How could kittens possibly boost self esteem, you might ask. Simple – they make you feel accepted. When you feel rejected by those around you, your confidence plummets. Kittens look past all the superficial junk we're usually judged on and judge you based on how you treat them. They remind you that you are a great person and you get a well deserved self esteem boost.


Makes You More Accepting

We all make snap judgments about others. I'm guilty of it, even if I don't mean to. The more time you spend watching and interacting with kittens, the more accepting you become. You notice how kittens accept each other simply by how well they get along during naps, meal time and play time. They don't care about color, size or even gender. They like anyone who enjoys the same things they do.


Melts Your Heart

Too tough for kittens or don't really think of yourself as the compassionate type? A little kitten therapy will change that. Whether you watch cute video or get the chance to enter a kitten room, your heart will start to melt. You will feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Who knows? You might even be called nice by the next person you interact with.

From adorable videos to special cat cafes, there are numerous ways to try kitten therapy yourself. Honestly, I dare you not to feel better after interacting with kittens. Are you going to try it?

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I'm a bit of a cat lady (at having 5, I don't know how I do it) and I can say that they bring a smile to everybody's faces when they walk in the door, not just my own.

Having a pet in your brings plenty of joy, my Dudus is my pride and joy even when he jumps on my bed and pokes me in the face at 4am 😺

Using a kitten to feel better might not be fair treatment of the kitten. And adopting one for companionship when you are at a low point needs some thought. Pet adoption is a commitment for the lifetime of the pet.

Lol, the kittens in the pic look rather stressed themselves. And I can't say I can blame them!

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