Self Defense Moves All Girls Should Know ...


Self Defense Moves All Girls Should Know ...
Self Defense Moves All Girls Should Know ...

You never know when you're going to be in a dangerous situation that involves an attack, which is why it pays to know a few very effective self defense moves that you can use in times of danger.

As well as reading up and researching self defense moves, it can also help to practise them with a friend or family member. Having another person with you to practise is a great way to see how each move works (before you should have to use it in a situation of attack) as well as the intention behind each move.

Keep reading to find out some basic, but really effective, self defense moves 👊 👊

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Sudden Stomp

When being grabbed or held from behind, aim to stomp down on their feet as hard as you can. This will allow you to free yourself from their grip and escape from the attack.


Bite down

If ever a part of the attacker's body is near your face (i.e if they have you in a headlock), use this to your advantage by biting down hard. This move is also effective if you have your hands tied or are not able to use them to help you escape.


Groin Kick

You've most likely heard of this one already, as it is one of the most effective self defense moves there is for fighting off an attacker. If the attacker is in front of you, aim to kick their groin or genitals area as hard as you possibly can.


Elbow Strike

In an attack that's coming from behind, besides stomping on their feet you can also strike the attacker in their face with your elbow. This will cause them to loosen their grip enough for you to escape.


Hair Grab

If the attacker has hair that you're able to grab, do this before pulling their head down and driving your knee into their face as hard as you can. It can work to your advantage to get the attacker below you or, even better, on the ground if possible.


Eye Gauge

In a situation where the attacker is trying to grab you by the neck, use both your index and middle finger to stab him in the eyes, neck or even both. Impairing their vision, even if only temporary, is an effective way to escape from an attacker.


Finger Bend

If you have access to the attacker's hand and/or arms, use this to your advantage by bending one or more of their fingers backwards against a joint. This will cause instant pain to the attacker and will also give you time to escape.

As well as practising the moves we've discussed above, it may also be worth considering taking a self defense class or session, if you haven't already. Here you can learn more about it from a professional and self defense expert, as well as practise the moves in a class environment with others who are there to learn about and practise self defense.

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