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7 Shocking Reasons for Your Hunger Pangs ...

By Tara

You may wonder, what are the reasons for your hunger pangs? You know - the uncontrollable craving for food that you may feel so intensely that your stomach actually hurts. Sometimes you feel this late at night while watching a show and other times in the middle of the day. So what can be causing these hunger pangs? There are a number of reasons and I can offer you solutions to help you get your eating under control and see the results by transforming your body in the process. Here are the reasons for your hunger pangs:

Table of contents:

  1. Lack of sleep
  2. You are thirsty
  3. You just exercised
  4. You are stressed out
  5. You smell food
  6. You ate too quickly
  7. It is time to go to bed

1 Lack of Sleep

If you are not getting enough sleep your body will secrete the hormone cortisol which can actually cause you to gain weight. Lack of sleep can also trigger your appetite so that you will feel hungry when in reality all you really need to do is get some sleep. I bet you are shocked that lack of sleep is one of the major reasons for your hunger pangs.

2 You Are Thirsty

Did you know dehydration or thirst can be easily confused with hunger? So the next time you find yourself famished, have a glass or two of water first. If you're still hungry assess what and when you ate last (you should eat healthy mini meals every 2-3 hours) and then make your food decision wisely!

3 You Just Exercised

After your workout, especially if it was an intense one, your body naturally wants to replenish itself and restore muscle tissue so you will have hunger pangs. The key is to provide your body with some lean protein like a hard-boiled egg white and an apple so you help your body recover. This recovery snack will prevent you from having severe hunger pangs later in the day!

4 You Are Stressed out

You have a lot of work to do and it seems like time is not on your side, so as you stress out, you find yourself craving chips. This is not all your fault; stress increases your levels of insulin causing you to crave comfort foods such as chips, cake or cookies. It is up to you to have healthy will power and make the best choice for your body!

5 You Smell Food

It's amazing how the sheer smell of food in the mall can trigger your appetite sensors, but do you have the discipline to keep walking? The smell of food can increase your appetite and activate salivary glands, but the key is to trick your body by having the apple you toted with you or get some ice cold water to fill your tummy.

6 You Ate Too Quickly

You rush through your lunch quickly since you are short on time but as you finish the last bite, you find you are still hungry. Did you not eat enough? Usually this not the case but you have to allow 15-20 minutes to have your body send signals to your brain that you are full. Next time slow down and savor each bite.

7 It is Time to Go to Bed

As you pace around the kitchen opening the pantry and then the refrigerator looking for what to eat, even though you ate dinner an hour ago, chances are you are not really hungry. You are bored, tired and it is time to go to bed. Head upstairs, brush your teeth and get to bed. You will be glad you made this choice.

Are you shocked by these reasons for your hunger pangs? The next time you get hungry, go through this list to see if you are really hungry and make the best choice for your body!

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