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You should take notice of the signs you are sleep deprived before it turns into a serious problem. Recently I have been experiencing a dramatic lack of sleep due to school, work and internship, and seen the effects that it had on me. I wasn’t focusing, I kept falling asleep in warm rooms, and taking naps. So if more than three of these signs you are sleep deprived match up, you should take serious action and get your sleeping schedule back on track.

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You Struggle to Get up in the Morning

If you constantly hit the snooze button on your alarm clock and struggle to get out of bed, you are more than likely sleep deprived. If your body and mind is not ready to wake up and you have to force yourself, this means that you are not giving yourself sufficient time to recuperate. So if you can’t wake up and are oftentimes late to work or school, this should be one of the warning signs you are sleep deprived.


You Are Irritable Throughout the Week

If you are extremely irritable during the week to the point that it is out of character, it might mean you are not getting enough sleep. Come on! Who has the energy to be happy and cheerful when all you want to do is close your eyes and fall asleep? So if you constantly find yourself snapping at others, your lack of sleep may be the reason why.


You Have Trouble Concentrating

No sleep results in impaired concentration and slowed performance. You are not able to function at your best because you are physically not ready. So if you stayed up all night in order to study, you didn’t do yourself any good because you are bound to experience a crash and it may even occur during the test.


You Sleep Extra Hours on Weekends

If you tend to wake up past noon on the weekends, your body is trying to make up for all of those lost hours of sleep during the week. It wouldn’t have to if you were getting the proper amount of sleep in the week so this just spells out “sleep deprivation”! So instead of spending the whole weekend in hibernation, try to even out your sleep hours during the week and nourish your body with some relaxation time.


You Nap during the Day

The amount of time we spend napping is often decreased with age. After all, there is really no need for it since we are fully developed! So if you catch yourself napping on a daily basis, you should try to adjust your sleeping schedule. Instead try to go to sleep 15 minutes early every day and adjust your body to the new sleeping schedule.


You Have Dark Circles

Sleep deprivation can slow circulation in your body and cause the blood to pool in the under eye area, creating the appearance of those dark circles we all despise. So if you suddenly notice a change in your appearance, you can thank your daily routine that won’t allow you to sleep for more than 5 hours.


You Fall Asleep in Random Environments

If you often catch yourself sleeping in boring lectures, warm rooms or even after eating dinner, take that as a warning sign that you are sleep deprived. Those who have the appropriate hours of sleep tend to go throughout the day without the urge to fall asleep on any flat surface.

Sleep is one of the most crucial things for our mind and body. It allows us to soak up our daily occurrences, strengthen our immune system, and regain energy. So don’t compromise your sleep on daily basis and learn how to take care of your body. How do you deal with sleep deprivation? Share in the comments!

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I experience everything, except for the dark circles under the eyes.

I have more than three signs true but how can i solve my this problem ?

Ugh thanks high school

5 6 and 7 don't happen to be but the rest do... should I be worried?

I have all of these. I am however going through a divorce and have 3 kids. One teenager and 2 kids under 3. I will do anything for sleep. :(

I wish I could sleep longer, but my school starts at 7, it's too bad they can't start school at a later time

You could try getting around 8 hours a night and doing things to improve your chances of falling asleep naturally. For example, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is helpful. Taking a warm bubble bath before bed or having a light snack can be helpful. Another thing the experts suggest is to avoid phone, computer, and TV use 30 min before bed and not to use these things in your bedroom. Even the light that comes on when they charge can be disturbing! I'm an RN and these are the things I suggest before turning to the doc for sleeping medications, which can be addictive! Good luck.

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