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7 Signs You Have a Sugar Addiction ...

By Alicia

If you’ve ever wondered what the signs you have a sugar addiction are, this article can clue you in. Sugar addiction is a very real thing. It’s also an addiction that’s very hard to break but it can be done. The first step is learning what the signs you have a sugar addiction are and seeing if any apply to you.

1 You Have Strong Cravings for Sugar

One of the signs you have a sugar addiction is if you have strong cravings for it. I’m going to be honest. After doing some research for this article, I see some of these signs in myself that I’m going to have to evaluate further, including this one. A strong craving is more than a passing thought of ice cream. It’s when you want something sweet and nothing else will do.

2 A Little Doesn’t Satisfy You

You may have a sugar addiction if you’ve found that a little sugar isn’t enough for you. A bite of a candy bar is more of a tease than a treat. Your sweet tooth isn’t easily satisfied. What’s more, you may be noticing that it takes more sugar to satisfy you as time goes on. Maybe you used to be satisfied with a cookie after lunch but now you want that after lunch and dinner and you find yourself reaching for a candy bar at night.

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3 You Often Think about Sugar

If you have a sugar addiction, it’s part of your everyday life. It’s no longer just a treat. You eat it often and think about it often. If you aren’t having sugar, it’s not far from your mind. If you can’t get it, you really miss it.

4 You Feel Better after You Indulge

Another sign of a sugar addiction is that you feel better after you have some. It’s feels like it satisfies a need or hits the spot. You may feel more relaxed after you’ve had a sugary treat. While those are nice feelings, they can indicate you have a problem. This can be another sign of sugar addiction.

5 You Turn to Sugar for Comfort

This is one most of us have probably done from time to time. You turn to sugar after a difficult day. Maybe you failed a test or you’re going through a breakup so you reach for that tub of ice cream. Indulging in a treat now and then is okay, even if it’s after a difficult day. But if you prefer the comfort of ice cream over a chat with your mom or your bestie, you could have a problem.

6 You’ve Tried to Quit Unsuccessfully

This is a big one. If you’ve tried to quit sugar unsuccessfully, you may be addicted to it. If you know you can lay it down and walk away, that’s great. You probably don’t struggle with a sugar addiction. But if you just can’t seem to stop the habit, it’s time to consider if you have a true sugar addiction.

7 You Know You’ve Got a Problem

Having one or two of these signs doesn’t necessarily indicate a sugar addiction but having more than that certainly may. That’s something only you can really decide for yourself. This sign is particularly telling. If you know you eat too much sugar and it’s a problem, you’re dealing with sugar addiction. Thankfully, there are ways to break your sugar addiction and live a healthier lifestyle.

Do you think you have a sugar addiction or have you dealt with one in the past? You're welcome to share. Your struggles and successes could be an inspiration to others.

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