10 Simple but Surefire Tips for Responsible Drinking during the Holiday Season ...


10 Simple but Surefire Tips for Responsible Drinking during the Holiday Season ...
10 Simple but Surefire Tips for Responsible Drinking during the Holiday Season ...

The holiday season is usually a time of fun, frolics, and revelry, but a few too many drinks can quickly turn the fun into a trip to the ER. The idea of responsible drinking is often met with a groan and a sigh because who wants to be a party pooper – right? Unfortunately, many people underestimate the effect alcohol can have on the mind and body and especially those who are not used to prolonged drinking in a short period of time. Too many people can get out of control and the last thing you want is to wake up with your head jammed between the toilet and the seat. It is possible to control your alcohol intake and still have a fabulous time, so take a look at these 10 Simple but Surefire Tips for Responsible Drinking During the Holiday Season and stay safe.

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Know Your Limits

The chances are that when the drink starts flowing you will quickly forget about your limits. It’s wise to stick with a responsible friend who will make sure you won’t get so intoxicated that you will find yourself being sick over a taxi driver or beloved family member later on.


Eat before, during, and after

It’s a well-known fact that eating before you drink alcohol can reduce the rate at which you become intoxicated. This is because the food helps soak up the alcohol which is shooting around your circulatory system. If it helps then you should ideally eat during and after your night out too in order to reduce the negative effects.


Don’t Drink for the Sake of It

One of the key’s to responsible drinking is that you should only drink when you really want to. Don’t accept another vodka shot with orange just because your friend, who is laughing hysterically at nothing, is trying to force it down your neck. Consider alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones to quench your thirst too.


Slowly but Surely

Your responsible drinking regime can be enhanced by taking your drink slowly. Have you ever noticed how a glass of water can last for hours? Well you should be aiming to do this with alcohol too, because your stomach can quickly fill and your purse can quickly empty if you decide to throw drinks down your neck.


Alcohol and Medication Are a Deadly Mix

If there was ever anything which makes people regret what they did last night, it’s certainly drinking with medication. If you are on medication then get a friend or loved one to make sure you don’t drink during that night. Don’t be fooled by thinking that if you abstain from your medication on the day you are going out to party that it is safe to drink. The drugs will still be in your system, especially if you have been taking them for a while.

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Don’t Leave Your Drink Unattended

Even if you are trying to embark on a responsible drinking program, leaving your drink unattended can quickly ruin this and put you in danger. Although you won’t have to worry about this if you are just with your family or friends, if you are in a club drink spiking does happen.


Don’t Know It? Don’t Take It

You wouldn’t walk through a part of town you don’t know at night so why would you drink something you don’t know? The strong flavours of many fruit based drinks mask the amount of alcohol they contain so you don’t actually realise just how many units you are consuming. Don’t be deceived - if you don’t know it, don’t drink it; for responsible drinking stick to what you know.


Keep Alcohol Secondary

Alcohol should be the accent to an event not the reason for it. Unless you know you can handle how much you drink or have the will power to not drink at all, occasions such as a bar hop (pub crawl) should be avoided. Social occasions in the holiday season should be about friends, family and having a great time, not being so drunk you can’t remember where you went or who was there.


Stay Away from the Doubles

Doubles are going to make you doubly drunk. That’s the general rule of thumb, so stick to singles and pass on the doubles to your party-hard friend.


Stay Home when Ill

Illness makes you weaker in mind and body. The rule for responsible drinking when ill is simple – abstinence is best.

These Simple but Surefire Tips for Responsible Drinking This holiday Season can help save your body and your dignity; no telling the bartender how much you love him this year. Drinking in moderation doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Overindulgence can lead to feelings of dread and horror when you look back over how you.ve acted when under the influence of alcohol. Surely, the memories you want of the holiday season are warm, fuzzy ones, ones of joy at spending time with people you care about, not ones of hangovers, sickness and embarrassment.

What ways do you have to keep yourself on the straight and narrow?

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