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If you often feel stressed with a seemingly never ending to-do list, you’ve got to check out these eight easy ways to chill out! There are so many quick and simple things you can do to calm yourself that I’d feel guilty not sharing these tips with you guys! Keep on reading for eight easy ways to chill out and add some more fun and balance to your life!

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Call Someone

Try dialing up a friend, your sister or mom as one of the ways to chill out. Hearing a friendly and familiar voice when you’re feeling stressed can help you get your mind off of things and just enjoy a good laugh or conversation for a few minutes. Psychology Today found that connecting with a friend or sharing a laugh with someone has been shown to help lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


Breathe Deep

We hear a lot about the benefits of deep breathing and personally, I think it’s worth all the hype! Taking slow, deep breaths can really help to calm you down, relax your body and just feel better overall! Try diaphragmatic breathing, where you breathe from your belly rather than your chest. This type of breathing is known to help people remain calm when feeling short of breath and can help those with anxiety.


Take a Nap

Taking a nap is a great way to relax as well as lower your blood pressure and heart rate. I’m not suggesting that you engage in full on snooze session at your desk, but if you can sneak in a nap on one of your breaks in your car or at home, it can help you to feel calmer. Dr. Sarah Conklin from Allegheny College reports that people perceive their environment to be less threatening when they’re better rested.


Read a Book

Reading a book is another easy way to relax and transport yourself to a different place. Give your mind a break from the stresses of life and escape with a good book. Researchers in Britain found that in as little as six minutes, you can reduce tension by 60% all by reading a book! Download an ebook app on your smartphone or read on your tablet to get in some serious stress-free reading!


Take Supplements

Did you know that there are a few supplements out there that can majorly boost your mood? Supplements like Vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics have been known to decrease anxiety and stress levels, plus they’re also good for your health! Talk to your doctor about adding these supplements to your daily routine, as researchers have found that they’re helpful for others who are often stressed or anxious.


Recount Good Memories

Whether you do it alone or with a friend, strolling down memory lane is a sure way to relax and feel better instantly! Recount some successes in the past, goals you have accomplished or just reminisce on some funny adventures from your past. Thinking back to a time when you reached a goal can help make you more optimistic and laughing has been scientifically proven to boost your mood!


Take a Hike

Going for a brisk walk or a full-on hike outdoors can really help you to burn calories while you relax and reframe your mind. According to BMC Public Health and walkinginfo.org, walking outdoors has been found to be more uplifting than walking indoors. When you walk outside, you can connect with the environment and your community. Try taking a brisk walk outdoors when weather permits a few times a week, you’re bound to return feeling refreshed and re-energized!


Clean up

Another way to relax your mind and body is to take a shower or bath. Sometimes all we need is a shower or bath to relax our muscles, calm our minds or increase our mental alertness. Showering or bathing with essential oils can also help invigorate your senses or help you feel more relaxed and calm. Try adding lavender, jasmine or bergamot to your shower floor or bath water to breathe in the soothing scents and really unwind!

Now you have eight super easy ways to chill out and feel better! The next time you’re at work, school or home and just aren’t feeling so hot, try one of these ways to boost your mood and do something nice for yourself! What are some of the things you do to help yourself chill out and relax? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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Great article! Definitely appreciated the scientific backup too.

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