8 Small Changes to Eat More Healthily ...


8 Small Changes to Eat More Healthily ...
8 Small Changes to Eat More Healthily ...

Eating more healthily is a goal that we would all be wise to have in mind. This doesn´t mean that you have to deprive yourself of all treats, or that you have to make sudden drastic changes to your diet (that is actually not advised). The idea is to eat more healthily, and it´s a lot easier to do that by making small changes to your diet. So here are some ideas on how to eat more healthily …

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Buy Less Prepared Food

Have you actually looked at the list of ingredients on packets lately? I was horrified today when I saw how many E-numbers were on some cakes I was considering buying. They went back on the shelf. Not everyone has the time to make cakes (or likes them), but we could all benefit from buying less prepared food, and making more from scratch. It doesn´t have to take a long time.


Switch to Wholemeal Bread

I´ll admit I prefer the taste of white bread, but wholemeal is definitely healthier. In fact, I´m going to try making my own bread. If you have time, you could make wholemeal or granary bread, but if you don´t, buying wholemeal bread will at least give you more fibre and cut down on the refined carbohydrates in your diet.


Good Breakfast

Do you start the day off with a bowl of sugary cereal – or worse still, no breakfast at all? Then you really need to eat more healthily. Look at the word ´breakfast´ - you break your fast because you haven´t eaten since the previous evening. This shows how important a good breakfast is. Eat something healthy that will keep you full until lunchtime.


Reduce Sugar

Sugar is bad for your teeth, fattening and aging. It doesn´t really do anything for you except taste nice. So cutting down on your sugar intake is an excellent way of eating more healthily. Try to get used to unsweetened coffee, use honey when you want to sweeten something, and use less sugar when baking (you can easily reduce sugar in cake recipes by half).


Freeze Meals

This is a great way of eating more healthily if you live alone or have a busy lifestyle, and it doesn´t have to involve major changes. When you have time to cook, make extra portions and freeze them. That way you can quickly defrost a healthy meal, instead of living off ready meals. It will be tastier, cheaper and just as quick as microwaving a supermarket meal.


No Concentrate

When you buy fruit juice, do you automatically reach for the cheapest brand? The problem with cheaper juices is that they are made from concentrate rather than being pure juice. It´s healthier to buy pure juice, plus it tastes much nicer, so check that you´re buying the real deal and not juice from concentrate, or fruit ´drinks´, which contain very little actual juice.


Packed Lunch

When you´re rushing to get ready for work, you may decide that you don´t have time to make lunch to take with you. So you end up buying some unhealthy fast food. It´s not that difficult to prepare your lunch the night before – make a sandwich, salad or pack some leftovers, and you´ll have a healthy lunch ready for the next morning. Just don´t forget it!


Meat-Free Monday

One way to eat more healthily is to cut down on the amount of meat in your diet, especially processed meat products. Simply eat a meat-free meal two or three days a week. Vegetarian food is generally cheaper, so with the money you save you will be able to afford better quality (and humanely raised) meat on the other days.

Eating more healthily is really quite easy when you just make some small changes to your diet and lifestyle. This is easier than trying to adopt a whole new way of life, which you will probably quickly grow bored with. Even some small changes can improve your health. Are you aware that you need to eat more healthily, and what do you plan to do about changing your diet?

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I have been a vegetarian for three and a half years, and I don't think the food is cheaper-but that's just my opinion and it would depend on where you live. Great ideas!

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