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Everybody needs calcium. Kids need calcium to help them grow, adults need calcium to keep their bones strong, people of all ages need calcium to keep their teeth healthy and to stay healthy in general. If you, like me, can't always bring yourself to sit down with a big glass of milk, if you'd rather eat your calcium than take it as a vitamin, or if you're just interested in some tasty munches, here are a bunch of snacks with plenty of calcium, so you can strengthen your bones while pleasing your palate.

1. Cheese, Please

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Naturally, lots of snacks with plenty of calcium are going to involve cheese, but these are a little more interesting. For example, some Parmesan on a baguette with tomatoes, all lightly toasted, is delicious. You can do the same with mozzarella, and add in a dash of olive oil and some fresh basil. Talk about delicious and filling – plus good for your bones!

2. Broccoli

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Broccoli is chock full of calcium, so if you like vegetables, it's a great addition. It's arguably better when it's raw, and you can find a variety of likewise calcium rich deeps to pair with it. I saw a recipe for one such dip that only needs a container of cottage cheese, a couple tablespoons of milk, a quarter of a cup of mayo, and a little bit of parsley, onion salt, and garlic salt.

3. Hummus

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Although I'm not an enormous fan of hummus myself, it's definitely a snack with plenty of calcium. Besides, I seem to be in the minority, since hummus is like the next big food trend. And that's all good – feel free to eat up! Heck, dip your broccoli in the mix, and you'll be getting a double dose of calcium!

4. Yogurt

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Unquestionably, yogurt is extremely rich in calcium. It's best if you can eat the no fat or low fat kind, so then you don't have to contend with the calories. There are a lot of Greek yogurts on the market now too, and they're especially good for you. The best part is all the varieties you can get, and all the things yogurt complements – like vanilla!

5. Smoothies

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It's incredibly easy to make your own smoothies, and when you do so, you can get all kinds of calcium. You can make them with milk or soy milk, and you can also use yogurt. Since they include plenty of fruit, you'll really be giving yourself a healthy snack – plus smoothies are so filling!

6. Sardines

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Here's a surprising snack with plenty of calcium: sardines! I've never tried these myself … but I've always kind of wanted to, especially when I read books about people eating sardines in mustard sauce or something. I don't know, it sounds good! And evidently, it's good for you as well. A serving of sardines is good for half the calcium you need to consume every day! Since these little guys are apparently not dissimilar to tuna in a can, I don't know, I might have to give them a try!

7. Almonds

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I love almonds, and I'm so glad to know that they're rich in calcium. For that matter, as long as you keep your portions sane and healthy, they don't have a lot of calories either! Even though they come in small packages, they pack a big whollop of calcium, and they taste delicious. This is especially true if you get some that are sprinkled with sea salt. Yum!

Everybody needs a snack sometimes, and the great thing about finding snacks with plenty of calcium is that you're doing your body good. As you can see, even people who can't eat or don't like dairy can still get more than enough calcium in their daily diets. What are your favorite healthy snacks?

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