10 Solutions for Back Pain ...


10 Solutions for Back Pain ...
10 Solutions for Back Pain ...

There are some great solutions for back pain that you might want to try. So many of us struggle with ongoing back pain and fail to take proper action to find a remedy. But it is important to look after your body, and make positive changes for the rest of your life. The first step to better back health is to seriously consider your posture. Daily repetitive movements can really impact your body. I work at a desk for eight hours a day, hunched over in a C-shape; this means I need to take extra care to stretch out my spine throughout the day to stop it getting stiff and sore. If you are looking at solutions for back pain hopefully you will be able to give one of these ideas a try.

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Visit a Physiotherapist

I was very sceptical about going to see a physiotherapist and felt the trip would be a waste of my time. It was however, by far the most positive step I've taken to resolve my ongoing back problems. Over a series of months the physiotherapist gave me gentle exercises to build the muscle groups that support spine alignment. At first I worked on the muscle groups that pull back your shoulders and then I learnt to tilt my pelvis and suck in my stomach. It all seemed pretty awkward and unnatural at first, but now I am moving a lot my confidently and feeling vast improvements. This may seem like common sense to you but on my own I felt overwhelmed with where to start on correcting my posture and the physiotherapist helped me to break down exercises into manageable steps. I now feel leaner and stronger and will try to use the techniques for the rest of my life. So at the top of my solutions for back pain is to book an appointment with a physiotherapist.


Get Active

Back pain is often caused by select muscle groups overworking and stretching , whilst others lay dormant. Awaken all your muscle groups by staying physically active. Both swimming and yoga are great examples of relaxing exercises that will help you build all over muscle tone. Even ten minutes of daily stretches could make a huge difference in relieving tension and awaken lazy muscle groups.


The Alexandra Technique

Practised all over the world, The Alexandra Technique encourages you to think about your everyday activities and how you can improve your movements for better back health. For example, crossing your legs whilst you sit will put your spine out of alignment, so you should sit with both feet flat on the ground, feet hip width apart. I went on a day course and found its gentle approach to posture control very informative and interesting.


Best Foot Forward

Supportive footwear is really important for good posture. As much as you may love your high heels, they are bad for your back, and could be putting undue stress on your joints. Opt for flat shoes that are comfortable and supportive.


Get Hot

For immediate pain relief for an aching back I can’t recommend enough a hot bath or deep heat treatment. Both help to relax your muscles and your mind; releasing any tension. I also have a neat cream called ‘Nature's Kiss’ which is perfect for soothing a sore back.


Mind over Matter

Our minds and body are connected. If your mind is running on overdrive it could be putting stress on the rest of your body. Unwind with some camomile tea and a funny movie.As your mind starts to calm down so too will your unwanted back pain.


Bed Rest

When you are asleep, your body rests and heals itself naturally. A good night’s sleep will often banish back pain, so make sure you have a supportive mattress. If the springs are digging into your back or there is a big slump in the middle you may find your mattress is actually at the root of all your back problems. Test out different pillows and mattresses to ensure a good night’s sleep.


Massage Therapy

I LOVE massages. The healing hands of a masseuse will work out all the knots in your back that you simply can’t reach yourself. Make sure you get a full body massage as tension in other parts of your body can have a negative effect on your back and posture.


A Chiropractor

A short term solution, chiropractors are great at ‘clicking’ your back into place, especially if you are in immense pain. Many people will attest to how they love visiting the chiropractor. Beware though, whilst a chiropractor is fantastic for immediate pain relief, you should really consider preventing flare-ups by looking for longer term solutions.


Get Shopping

There is a wide selection of back support products that you can explore online. These products encourage subtle changes to your daily routine and posture. You may want to look at corset tops that help you to pull back your shoulders, a Swiss yoga ball as a chair replacement or a simple back support for your work chair. There are lots of different products that claim miracle results so be sure to check previous buyer recommendations online before you buy.

Back Pain can really be debilitating, so it is important to take action and prevent future episodes of pain. I don’t believe there is one simple cure but instead consider using a combination of my suggestions. I really do sympathise if you struggle with ongoing back pain and can’t recommend enough taking a trip to the physiotherapist as a first step to getting help. If you struggle with back pain, do you have any solutions to share with other readers?

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"Alexander Technique"

acupuncture and osteopathy are two techniques that can really help. I see a chiropractor once a month for a tune up, and a masseuse and with regular exercise have found them to be helpful too. Use ice over heat when you're confronting nerve damage and you need to numb the pain. Heat is good for muscular related aches whereas ice is best on nerve related complaints.

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