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How to Get Relief from Plantar Fasciitis ...

By Jessica

Do you suffer from arch or heel pain and need to know some effective remedies for plantar fasciitis? Your feet are literally your support and when they are in pain, it affects your whole body. Plantar fasciitis is simply inflammation of the plantar facia that runs along the bottom of your feet. It's generally a stabbing pain caused by a number of things, such as inadequate arch strength, obesity, strenuous exercise, improper foot wear, and faulty foot mechanics which can include the way you walk. Keep reading for some great remedies for plantar fasciitis that will bring relief!

1 The Barefoot Grip

One of the best remedies for plantar fasciitis is strengthening your arches. Spending years with our feet in shoes causes the muscles to relax, which diminishes muscle strength and support for proper walking. Practice gripping the ground several times a day with your bare toes, allowing your natural arches to dome up and be strengthened.

2 Lose Weight

I'm sure you're well aware that obesity causes an array of health problems and one of those ailments is plantar fasciitis.The extra weight and pressure on the feet causes muscle strain and pain, and can lead to fallen arches and difficulty in walking with proper form (straight on, with toes gripping the ground in one fluid motion). Losing any extra weight means less pressure and strain on your feet which we can all appreciate!

3 Strengthen Your Ankles

There are many factors that play into relieving foot pain and one big one is strength. Do you love wearing high heels? They are SO much easier to walk in when you have strong feet and ankles! Not only that, you won't be prone to rolling an ankle during exercise or quick movements if they are strong. Practice balancing exercises that involve standing and reaching on your toes, as well as articulating the ankle joint by pointing and flexing your feet and toes.

4 Toe Articulation

Having all ten toes grip the ground when you walk makes a huge difference in the support your have for your muscles and joints. It allows your foot and leg muscles to do the work required to keep you walking with ease and grace. Practice individually lifting and lowering each toe while standing barefoot on the ground. It's hard at first but it teaches your feet to be smart and agile!

5 Walk on a Golf Ball

To relieve pain itself, a great remedy, albeit initially painful, is to walk on a golf ball and massage it along the bottom of your feet. This will break up inflammation and bring relief. You could also ice the area to reduce swelling.

6 Wear Shoes That Support Your Unique Arches

Most of us don't wear the right shoes. There are completely flat shoes, shoes with improper arch support, and of course stilettos! The problem really arises when we cram our feet into closed shoes that automatically relaxes the foot and prevents it from doing its job in supporting your body. We don't walk properly after years of wearing shoes so on top of training your feet how to walk strong, wear supportive shoes as much as possible that cater to your own arches!

7 Do Foot Massages in the Morning

Right when you get up, focus on your feet. Massage the tissue on the soles of your feet, the achilles tendon, the plantar fascia and stretch out your toes to wake them up. Your feet will actually be more active throughout the day and your mind more aware of what they're doing.

Many conventional remedies for plantar fasciitis are only temporary and don't address the root causes. Plantar fasciitis can be a pain, but taking the time to strengthen your feet, massage them and care for your body overall can make a world of difference! Do you have any added advice to share?


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