The Health Resolutions You Should Be Making in 2019 ...

By Deeceebee

The Health Resolutions You Should Be Making in 2019 ...

The start of every year always brings with it a bunch of promises that we make to ourselves, promises about how we are going to changes and what we are going to achieve. The problem is, the vast majority of resolutions are broken before January has even ended! When it comes to your health and fitness, though, you owe it to yourself to make promises and actually try to keep them this time around. Here are some of the key health resolutions that you should be making!

1 Work on Cutting down the Physical Trash That Comes along with Your Food. by Trying to Use Less Plastic Etc., You Will Find That You Make Healthier Choices like Getting Fresh Fruit and Vegetables over Takeout when you consciously avoid packaging

2 Ensure That You Stay Motivated in Your Exercise Regime by Shaking It up a Couple Days a Week. Stray from Your Normal Routine and Add in Some Fun Classes like Spin and Zumba

3 Stock Your Freezer with Lots of Healthy Fresh Ingredients That You Can Pull out at Short Notice Instead of Relying on Calling for Pizza and Chinese Food. Batch cooking and freezing soups is bang on Trend This Year

4 Make the Time to Get More Sleep Each Night. the More Refreshed and Restored Your Body is, the Better Life Decisions You Will Make regarding Food and Exercise

5 Carve out Some Time in Your Day to Practise Meditation. This Could Be as Little as Ten Quiet Minutes to Yourself Where You Block out External Thoughts and Just Focus on Your Own Breathing

6 Make Your Workout Aim of the Year to Get Stronger Rather than Slimmer. Weight Training Will Shred Inches from Your Body Whilst Keeping You Strong and Active at the Same Time

7 Remember to reward yourself at the Right Times. Small Goal Setting Can Be Productive Because It Keeps You Motivated to Continue on the Larger Picture Path

8 Take Control of Your Portions This Year. You Can Cheat This by Buying Smaller Plates and Bowls. You Still Get the Effect of a Full Plate, but with Not as Much Calorie Content

9 Try to Simplify Your Nutritional Goals. Don’t Get Bogged down in the Science of Vitamins and Carbons and Everything else. Just Follow the Advice on the labels of your foodsto Make Sure You Are Sticking to the Good Side

10 Make the Effort to Always Meet Your Daily Vegetable Quota. They Used to Say Five a Day, but It is More Realistically around Seven a Day Now!

11 Don’t Limit Yourself to Just Working out in the Gym. Use the Space around You and Your Own Home to Stay as Active as Possible

12 Work on Eliminating All of the White Stuff from Your Diet; I’m Talking about White Bread, Flour, Rice and Pasta. These Are refined carbs That do Next to Nothing for Your Nutrition

13 Get out of the Habit of Seeing Snacking as an Appropriate Activity. You Don’t Have to Have Your Interactions with People Be Based on Grabbing a Coffee and a Slice of Cake All the Time

14 Get into the Habit of Sipping Lots of Water Throughout the Day and then Having a Full Glass before Dinner Time. It Will Result in You Getting Fuller Quicker and Not Having to Eat so Much

15 Try Not to Worry Too Much about Keeping to the ‘perfect’ Diet, Because if You Put All of Your Energy into Maintaining It, You Will Be Likely to Break and Binge if One Little Thing Goes Wrong

16 For the Sake of the Environment, Stop Buying Bottled Water. There is No Excuse in This Day and Age when the Quality of Re-usable Options is so High!

17 Make Sure to Pump up the Protein Count at Breakfast Time. a Protein Boost in the Morning Helps to Keep You Feeling Much Fuller for Longer

18 Get Creative with the Ways That You Spend Your Free Time. Take up New Hobbies That Interest You, and Will Take Your Mind off of Snacking and Hunger Cravings

19 Try to Eliminate All of Those Hidden Liquid Calories That You Consume in Things like Alcohol and Soda. Be More Mindful of the Nutrition Labels on Your Favourite Drinks

20 Cook at Home More than You Did Last Year. It is the Only Way to Have Full Control of the Nutritional Value of Your Meals

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