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5 Things Every Woman Should Know about Her Body ...

By Carly

Given the fact that we are born with them, grow with them and spend every living second with them, you would be amazed at how little some women know about their own bodies! Whether you had insufficient education at school, parents who were too prudish to teach you, or are just a little bit shy and squeamish yourself, then there are probably a few areas that you aren’t 100% on. I think it’s time that we talked about a few of the most important basics. Here are 5 things that every woman should know about her body!

1 Period Dates

You need to have a good grasp of your natural menstrual cycle, because if you have no idea about when you might be due, you won’t be able to recognise that something might be wrong. The exact date can change, we all know that, but it’s good to have a certain week in mind in order to know when to raise that alarm! I’m not just talking about pregnancy, there are plenty of negative health issues that can cause your periods to be irregular and unpredictable.

2 How Your Breasts Feel

In a similar vein, it’s really important to know what your breasts feel like in their healthy and normal state, because it then makes things much easier to recognise when something might be wrong. You need to be aware, weight, texture, firmness, skin colour, all of those kinds of things that are prone to changing when there is an issue afoot.


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3 Bathroom Habits

It’s good to keep track of how often you go to the bathroom, because an increased rate of urination can often allude to something like a water infection or in rarer cases, even more serious health issues. On the other side of bathroom related business, if your stools are appearing different than usual, then that is also something that might give you pause. You should also know the regular colour or your urine because a sudden change of colour could indicate a problem.

4 Moles

Our bodies are often covered in moles of various sizes in various locations, and it’s important to have a good knowledge of all of your own. The more familiar you are with your moles, the quicker you will be able to notice changes that occur.

5 Weight

It isn’t something most of us like to think about, but it’s important to keep track of your weight. It is one of the key health-related issues that we can track regularly, and if you are gaining or losing weight without having changed your routine in any way, then that could be a symptom of a bigger issue.

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