7 Things to do when You Can't Sleep No Matter How Much You Try ...


Generally you are very limited on things to do when you can’t sleep. After all you don’t want to do something that will keep you up all night, but you also cannot just keep rolling around in bed for forever. Periodically we all have our own episodes of insomnia and we all deal with them in our own little ways, which sometimes work and sometimes don’t. However if you have been having a hard time getting sufficient amount of rest, here are some things to do when you can’t sleep.

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Read a Book

Sometimes your mind is just running through so many things that have happened over the course of the day that it is hard to focus on going to sleep. If you can relate to this problem, one of the things to do when you can’t sleep is try to read something calming about 30-60 minutes before going to sleep. Submerging your mind into a book will help you calm your body and prepare it for a good night sleep. You can even try to read dull material, which will surely put you to sleep!


Use Your Imagination

Daydreaming and fantasizing right before bed is very common for men and women. You can use the time right before you drift into your dreamland to imagine your ideal life or even narrate your own story. Eventually you will get so caught up in your imagination that you won’t even realize that you are already fast asleep.


Have a Warm Bath

When your body is really tense after a long and busy day, a warm bath can really make a difference. The comforting temperature can help you unwind right before you go to sleep and lead to a night of deep rest. However make sure to go to bed right after getting out, so that you won’t lose the whole effect of the warm bath.


Remove Electronics

I cannot tell you how many times my smart phone has kept me awake. Once you check one social media, it leads to another, which leads to a random video you cannot stop watching and that just keeps going on and on until it is way past your bedtime. So if you are anything like me, get rid of the temptation and move them away from you as far as possible.


Drink Caffeine-free Herbal Tea

If you are looking forward to a good night sleep, try to avoid caffeine under all circumstances and instead substitute it with caffeine-free herbal tea, which can actually help you sleep. Many teas are made from the same compounds that are used in supplements to promote sleep, such as valerian and chamomile. Plus just the idea of drinking warm tea before bed has a very calming effect.


Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has very calming effects so if you are a fan of it, do use it to your own advantage. There are many candles and pillow sprays that are specifically made to promote healthy sleep made from lemon balm oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil. You can use these blends for bath, massages or just air scents.


Keep Your Eyes Closed

When nothing seems to work and you are completely desperate, one tip I would recommend is to keep your eyes closed under all circumstances. No matter how long you have been rolling around in bed, persistence is the key! Opening your eyes can completely distract you and further add to your insomnia but with closed eyes, you are bound to fall asleep eventually!

If you have persistent sleeping problems, it is best that you change your lifestyle completely or even seek the help of a professional. However if your sleeping problems are infrequent, these tips should be sufficient enough. What are some of your tips on falling asleep when nothing seems to work?

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I really like this app

I hum a tune or sth to make myself go sleepy.. And it actually works ;)

No one said masturbate? Thats the only thing that works for me.

Haha I do #2 or put some guided meditation for sleep on.. 9 times out of 10 it works :)

itz nt opening..!

This app is the best

I love this app!

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