7 Things to Think about before Bed ...


The day is done, the fires have been fought, and now it’s time to limit the things to think about before bed to turning off the lights and your head. Easier said than done, right? Here are some things to think about before bed that will lull you into a sweet slumber.

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7 Things to Be Grateful for Today

One of the most relaxing things to think about before bed is the positive things that happened in your day. No matter how minor you think the good thing was or how few of them happened today, thinking of the positive will instill in you some warm fuzzies that will challenge tryptophan as a remedy for insomnia. It will be a challenge if you can get through all 7 before you fall asleep. It will also transition you into a more relaxed way to wake up tomorrow.


What Made You Laugh Today?

Can you think of at least one thing that made you laugh out loud today? It doesn’t have to be a joke told or a comedy show you watched. Just something that made you burst out. Was it the baby who refused to get his little shoe put back on at the restaurant? The way your cat was fascinated by the bird on tv? Something your friend said out of the blue? Whatever it is, marinate in that happiness as you fall asleep.


Your Next Vacation Destination

Sometimes a change of scenery is in order, especially if the stress of the day is keeping you up at night. Where is someplace you would love to go on a vacation? The shores of St. Bart’s? The mountains of British Columbia? The cobblestone streets of Vienna? Wherever it is, think of every detail of your days in the wish spot: what you’re wearing; where you’re staying; who you’re meeting; and what you’re eating and experiencing. Even if you’ve never been there, imagine the details from what you know of the place. Make all of the thoughts good ones. Not only will you be putting yourself in a state of joy by thinking of this, you’re also visualizing your future!


Absolutely Nothing...

This may be the biggest challenge of all in our world filled with sensory overload. Clear your head. Every time a thought dares to appear, good or bad, visualize a stop sign and don’t let it pass Go. Concentrate on your breathing, on the way the mattress feels against your body, and that’s it. Perhaps it’s from your mind’s boredom when you just won’t come out to play, but eventually, slumber will have its way.


Your Pet

There is something about a pet that can cause the most wound-up mind to become pudding. Do they sleep in the room with you? Concentrate on their breathing, if not your own. If not, think about something they did today. How your dog became so fascinated by a plastic bag rolling down the street during your walk, how your hamster popped out of the tunnel as if Godzilla was chasing him, how your cat practically scratched permanent divets in the glass trying to get to the squirrel outside. Think about them in peaceful states too. How they curl up in front of the fireplace, when the cat and dog drink out of the water bowl at the same time, when your pet looks serenely out the window at nothing. For achieving a quiet state of mind and lowering heart rates, pets get an A+.


Three Things You Love Most in This World

It’s hard to be wound up or anxious when the only thing you’re thinking of are the people, places, and things you love most in this world. Make it detailed, too. If you’re thinking of a person, think of their hair color, eye color, sound of their voice, feel of their skin. If it’s a place, think of the first thing you do when you get there, the way the light plays on the space, any sounds that you hear when there. It’s as if these beautiful thoughts are playing you a lullaby as you drift off to dream…possibly about them.


The Most Beautiful Place You’ve Visited

Make a short list and pare it down to one, of the most gorgeous places you’ve ever visited. What made you feel that way? Think of what you saw, heard, ate, who you met, and what you did. The good vibes of past experiences will be flowing, as will the zzzzz’s….

It’s so important to get a good night’s rest, and much of this includes being in a positive and relaxed state. With a little practice, you too will be one of those people who are asleep as soon as their head it’s the pillow. What do you like to think about before bed to put you to sleep?

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