10 Things You Have to Deal with when You Have Anxiety for Girls Preparing Themselves ...


10 Things You Have to Deal with when You Have Anxiety for Girls Preparing Themselves ...
10 Things You Have to Deal with when You Have Anxiety for Girls Preparing Themselves ...

There are just some things you have to deal with when you have anxiety. Anxiety is a mental health issue and a topic that affects millions of people all over the world, especially young girls and young women. Women tend to be more prone to stress, and this causes and increases their anxiety. But it is also important to note that when you develop anxiety, you also tend to develop a lot of unwanted symptoms. They might not be life threatening but they are still unhealthy and they should never be overlooked. So here are 10 things you have to deal with when you have anxiety.

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Lack of Confidence

This is probably one of the most common things you have to deal with when you have anxiety. It may not be an actual health symptom, but it is definitely something that affects young girls and young women. Confidence is such an important trait and aspect. Overall, a person’s confidence is everything. If you lack confidence about yourself, life and your career or goals, then you will find yourself moving backwards not forwards.



Trouble sleeping while suffering with anxiety is very common. Insomnia is so common with anxiety because our minds are constantly racing when we are anxious and when we have this constant fear instilled in our bodies. But worst of all, this always tends to occur right before we go to bed. We start tossing and turning and then the more we want to fall asleep the more awake we stay.



Acne is something that so many people suffer from. It is something that makes many girls super self-conscious. But what makes things worse is that when we stress or have anxiety because it makes acne a million times worse. At the end of the day we also have to try and embrace our imperfections. Use some acne medication to help you feel better.


Weight Loss

Many people tend to either gain or lose weight when they are suffering from anxiety. When you stress, your body is in flight or fight mode, which can cause you to lose weight, which isn’t healthy. You also start to lose your appetite and continue to lose more weight. If this is happening to you, see your doctor for help.


Trouble Focusing

When you have anxiety, it can be so hard to focus. This is because your mind is so focused on the negative that when you try to focus on something else and distract yourself, you find yourself continually returning to those negative thoughts. You try so hard to not focus on your anxiety but it is something that just constantly controls your inner self.


Fear of Death

A very common symptom of anxiety is the fear of death. When you have anxiety you constantly feel ill. And when this happens you start to worry about your health in regards to panic attacks and the chest pains that feel like heart attacks. Then you start to become a hypochondriac and think that death is coming your way.



Being dizzy a lot of the time is common when you have anxiety. This can be from lack of sleep or eating. It can be a constant hindrance to your life as you worry about your health and you are sometimes afraid to leave the house. Feeling faint is always associated with dizziness and it can definitely put a damper on your health and mood.


Lack of Sex Drive

One of the most unappealing things about having anxiety is that it can take stuff away from you. It takes away your confidence, it takes away positivity and even worse it can take away your sex drive. A loss in sex drive is quite normal. Women suffer from libido problems, when their anxiety is high. Even if you’re not on meds that drop your sex drive, which is a usual side effect, it is a mental aspect that occurs in your body.


A Foggy Brain

The term "foggy brain" is something that some people may not be familiar with. Most often this occurs due to lack of sleep. It means that your mind and brain feels like pudding. You don’t feel energized or refreshed and lack the ability to think properly. You brain also lacks creativity and you become forgetful. This makes it hard to get things done.


Upset Stomach and Heartburn

An upset stomach is definitely something that is associated with anxiety for many girls. When you worry, it causes your brain to constantly think negative thoughts and this is linked with your stomach. The brain affects the body and this is when our stomachs start to churn and we get nervous and you can develop acid reflux. Anxiety is strongly associated with acid reflux as stress creates acid. When this happens heartburn becomes a problem and trust me when I say that it is very uncomfortable.

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Has anyone ever found a fix for anxiety thru natural remedies?

Number 4 is reverse for me,I tend to stress eat when I'm anxious,chocolate,cookies all sorts of unhealthy food,i regret it cause the sugar triggers my anxious mind and makes my anxiety worse,it's an endless cycle of eat and repeat

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