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Can Cursing Be Good for You?

By Neecey

You might have noticed (if you’re calm enough to) that sometimes after letting rip with an F-bomb or a go G-rated expletive, you do actually feel better. Well now there’s science to prove that cursing is good for you. The source of this revelation is Steven Pinker and his book, The Stuff of Thought. Are you ready to find out why you shouldn’t feel guilty about cursing?

1 A Good Expletive Can Reduce Pain

In a study conducted on college students, it was found that those who uttered the expletive of their choice could keep their hands in cold water for longer compared to students who had to chant a neutral word. What it means? The next time you hurt yourself bad – utter some curse words to reduce the pain factor.

2 Swearing Makes Your Heart Beat Faster

In other words, it wakes you up by triggering your aggressive tendencies. That's probably one explanation of why you see drill sergeants and coaches use "pep talk" to keep everyone on their toes.


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3 A Few Choice Curse Words Keeps You Involved

You may find it rather unbelievable but the truth is that TV shows with more swear words tend to be more popular with the viewers. In fact, some studies have shown that a show with at least 100 curse words manages to grab people's attention more effectively than a show with few or no swear words at all. Now, you can find at least one reason why the Oscar-nominated "The Wolf of Wall Street" found its way with viewers. By the way, there was about one curse word every 20 seconds. Now, that's some profanity, but it's kind of in.

4 Curses and Oaths Can Make Others Laugh

One way to break the ice and have a healthy relationship with others is to make them laugh, and using curse words in off-color humor may give you the opportunity to set the tone. Truly, when used properly, profanity can have some entertainment value. Just make sure that you're not offending someone in the process.

5 It Might Surprise You to Know That It Helps Strengthen Your Relationships

One of the reasons why cursing is good for you is that it helps strengthen your bond with others. Those who don't like to use swear words are usually less social as compared those who occasionally drop F-bombs in their conversations. It also shows how close you are with someone – it also creates intimacy with others.

6 Sometimes You Need to Curse to Be a Badass and Show Who’s in Charge

Even though others won't follow your lead, swearing may help you feel you're the person in charge. This may go a long way in improving your self-esteem and confidence.

7 Letting Loose a Major Curse Might Be the Only Way to Deal with an Emotion in the Moment

Swearing can be cathartic and may go a long way in helping you deal with your emotions. The next time a guy dumps you, be sure to use some expletives to witness their soothing effect. You will see it work like a medicine.

8 It Might Be What You Need to Gel with a Certain Social Group Lets You Gel Well

This might be quite a rare occasion but if you haven't been using f-bombs in gatherings where everyone else is a little profane, you mind find it harder to fit in. Start swearing today and you may see others welcoming you into the group. Be open to let others know you feel comfortable among them.

9 It Gives Your Thoughts a Voice

One of the reasons why it is good to swear is that doing so may help you express yourself better in different situations. In many cases, these words can help you express surprise, joy, anger, and happiness in the best way. So, what the f*#K! Enough of holding back; start expressing the real you NOW!

Just because science says cursing is good for you, there’s no need to turn into a full blown, never switch it off, potty mouth. What’s your view on cursing? Do you have a favorite/special curse word? Mine is fuckwit!

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