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Are you looking for tips on self-respect? As women, we need to know how to respect ourselves. If we can’t show our selves respect than how can we expect anyone else to respect us. If you are struggling with self-respect then you surely do not want to miss these 10 tips for self-respect.

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Be True to Yourself

The number one tip for self-respect is to always be true to yourself. You have to know what you stand for and the things you believe. Don’t back down from these things just because it’s not the popular thing to do. It’s much easier to respect a person for believing in something passionately, than it is to respect someone that just goes with the crowd.


Change Your Mindset

You have to stop thinking negatively about yourself. Sure we all have flaws. No one is perfect, but we can waste our lives focusing on the negatives. Change your negative mindset into positive thoughts. Stop saying you can’t and start trying.


Listen to Your Inner Voice

You know that voice inside that tells you something is wrong? Listen to that inner voice. She’s pretty incredible and she has your best interest at heart. She’s probably trying to steer you away from making a disrespecting choice. What do you think about this tip for self-respect? How often do you listen to your inner voice?


Don’t Compare Yourself

We can’t compare ourselves to each other. It’s not fair. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. We are all made differently. Don’t waste your time thinking negatively about yourself because you aren’t as tall as one girl and as skinny as another. Chances are you have something they wish they had too. Besides self-respect looks better than any physical feature we could have.


Give Thanks

What’s the next tip for self-respect? How about giving thanks? What things are you thankful for? Many people get caught up in what they don’t have and forget to respect the things they do have. Someone once asked me if I woke up this morning with only the things I was grateful for the night before what would I have left. This question really puts things into perspective for me. We should be thankful for everything we have, because it can all easily be taken away.


Honor Your past Victories

Don’t forget about your past accomplishments. One way to increase your self-respect is to make a list of everything you have accomplished in your life. When you are feeling down about yourself read over that list. Remember your victories and the struggles you had to overcome. This is a great tip for self-respect.


Don’t Be Too Serious

Don’t take life or yourself too serious. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy it. Have fun with your friends and family. Do something out of the ordinary. Laugh at your mistakes as you learn from them instead of beating yourself up for your failures.


Be Nice

It’s hard to respect others when you don’t respect yourself. Much of self-respect has to do with being kind to yourself. For the same reasons we need to be nice to other people. In some cases you have to show respect to earn respect.


Positive Surroundings

If you find yourself in situations that are often degrading and disrespectful then it is time to consider this tip for self-respect and change your surroundings. Positive environments will create better experiences and give you more self-respect.


Supportive People

We also need supportive people in our lives. Don’t surround yourself with people who call you names, put you down, or make you feel like less of a person. People that treat you badly don’t deserve to have you in their life. Cut them out and replace them with supporting and loving people that will lift you up in your times of need.

I hope you find these tips for self-respect helpful. I can’t stress how important it is for women to respect themselves and each other. Remember to be thankful, focus on the good and not the bad, and to surround yourself with positivity. What are some of your tips for self-respect?

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great post! I don't think I can stop compare myself - this is just what is pushing me forward in the most situations. Positive environment is most important - this is the key for everything else - it's the main thing that form us as personality.

Loved this so much ❤

I love it so useful

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