8 Tips to Keep You Healthy While Flying ...


If you plan to fly soon, you may want to learn some tips for healthy flying. It never seems to fail, I board the plane healthy and cold free, but by the time I land or shortly after arriving, I become sick with a cold. Does this happen to you too? Fortunately, we don’t have to be bothered with these post-flight yuckies any longer. Check out my 8 tips for healthy flying, they are a must.

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Hand Sanitizer

The unfortunate truth is that airplanes and airports are packed with people in close quarters. This means germs are able to quickly spread. Bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. Use them to clean your hands frequently. Also use them to wipe down your arm rest, serving table, and anything else you will touch on the plane. Need more tips for healthy flying? Keep reading.


What to Eat and Drink

Don’t let your travel blow your plans to eat healthy. Turn down the in-flight snack, which is often gross processed foods high in sodium and calories, and opt to bring a protein bar, fruit salad, or other health conscious snack with you. You can also bring your own bottled water to drink. Add some drink mixes packed with vitamin C to help keep your immune system strong.


Bring Your Own Travel Pillow

Not only are in flight pillows uncomfortable, they are also pretty dirty and full of germs. Bring your own small travel pillow if you plan to rest during the flight. It will give you better neck support and keep you free from other people’s sick germs.


What to Wear

Don’t worry, flying isn’t a fashion show, although many of us ladies want to look stellar at all times. Plan your travel outfit for comfort and circulation. I’ve learned that you never can predict what the temperature will be in cabin. You will want to dress in layers. Layer on a long sleeve button down shirt over a lightweight tee or tank. Bring a jacket if the weather is cold outside. Be sure to wear comfy shoes with nonrestrictive socks as well, to help prevent poor circulation.


Before You Fly

Staying healthy while flying doesn’t start on the plane. You can also do a few things before you fly. Most important is to stay hydrated. Many people get dehydrated when flying. Be sure to drink plenty of water in the days before flying. It’s also never too early to start adding a vitamin C supplement to your diet.


Jet Lag

Crossing time zones can really throw your body out of whack. I seem to have a harder time adjusting when flying east. To help lessen the effects of jet lag, I try to adjust the time I wake and go to sleep by an hour or two a week before I leave. I have also learned it is nice to arrive at night and try to get to bed as soon as possible after I land.


Stay Hydrated

I’ve already talked about staying hydrated a little bit, but it is worth repeating. The air in planes is very dry and tends to drain the body of water. Not only should you drink plenty of water before and during your flight, but also drink water when you land. You can get more hydration by eating water-rich foods and avoiding caffeine and alcohol.


After Your Flight

As you now know, drinking lots of water after landing is extremely important. I also suggest getting outside to get some fresh air and taking a stroll. I try to do these things between flights if I have a long enough layover. It is refreshing and feels good.

I hope you find these tips for healthy flying useful and will remember them the next time you travel. Being prepared will keep you well and able to fully enjoy your vacation or properly function for work related travel. If you have any more tips you would like to add, please share.

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