Brilliant Replacements for Dairy Products🌰 for Those Who Are Lactose-Intolerant 🐄⚠️ ...

The non-dairy milk industry isn’t just booming, but soaring way above the milk industry, which is great news for those allergic to dairy. Maybe you’re not even allergic to dairy, but perhaps have an intolerance or just prefer not to consume it. With lactose intolerance being a common problem today, the food industry is thankfully producing many non-dairy options to cater to those without dairy in their diets. Yet, not all products are equal when it comes to plant-based dairy alternatives. Some have high amounts of preservatives, added sugar, gluten, and some still contain traces of milk, believe it or not. When choosing non-dairy alternatives, opt for some of these sources below. They aren’t just great substitutes, but are overall so much healthier for you than dairy anyway.

1. Unsweetened Almond Milk

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Unsweetened almond milk is by far one of the best products to try if you’re allergic to dairy. Free from sugar, unsweetened varieties of this particular milk have 50% more calcium than dairy milk, Vitamins D and E, plus Vitamin B12 and potassium. Many brands like Silk and Almond Breeze also produce unsweetened vanilla options for those that want a little flavor. Almond milk can be used anywhere dairy milk would be and it has a delightful, creamy texture with only 30-40 calories per serving.

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