8 Unhealthy Habits That Are OK in Moderation ...


8 Unhealthy Habits That Are OK in Moderation ...
8 Unhealthy Habits That Are OK in Moderation ...

Unhealthy habits are something that we all have … let´s be honest. Some of them just shouldn´t be indulged in – there is no justification for smoking, for example. Other unhealthy habits are acceptable providing you don´t overdo it (the occasional indulgent dessert isn´t going to hurt most of us). So here are some unhealthy habits that are ok … in moderation.

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It seems that every week we´re told something different about alcohol and how healthy it is. Well, one thing´s for sure – too much of it just isn´t good for you. The odd glass of wine is pleasurable, though, and won´t cause you any problems – just don´t let it become an unhealthy habit.


Sugary Treats

There are some people who don´t actually have a sweet tooth, so they´ve nothing to worry about on this score. Most of us do like cakes and chocolate, however. As long as you don´t overdo it, then that´s fine – just eat a smallish slice of cake, and not the whole thing!


Junk Food

Sometimes we all fancy some junk food. It´s one of those unhealthy habits that we fall into because it seems easier to walk in and buy some, rather than cook. Stick to cooking healthy food most of the time, and the occasional takeout or junk food meal won´t hurt you.



Is this really an unhealthy habit? Well, it can be unhealthy for your vocabulary if you opt for a liberal use of swearwords in every sentence. There are also many times when it´s really not appropriate, so be sensitive to how people around you feel. Save it for the times when you really need to express yourself!


Sleeping Late

Sleep experts tell us that we should get up at the same time every day, regardless of what time we went to bed, so that we get into a sleep routine. Sometimes, though, having a lie-in does you good, as it feels so indulgent to stay in bed as late as you want.



Have you ever heard of the horror stories of people who play games for the best part of a day and then collapse? If you´re a gamer, add up how many hours you spend playing. If it´s too many, cut down, but it´s fine as a hobby providing you don´t overdo it.



Yes, kids, you really could count the number of TV channels on one hand when I was young (and I´m not that old). Nowadays there are far too many, and it´s easy for TV to become a very unhealthy habit, as you spend hours slumped on the sofa channel-hopping. Save it for the programmes that you really enjoy – quality, not quantity.



A morning coffee can help wake you up, and having a coffee with friends is a pleasant way of socialising. If you´re downing a dozen espressos to get through the day then you´re a coffee addict! Cut down as too much caffeine is not good for you – stick to maybe two or three.

These unhealthy habits can be enjoyed if you´re sensible and have the discipline to limit your indulgence in them. Moderation is the key with many unhealthy habits, as few of us want to avoid everything we enjoy. What is your worst unhealthy habit, and have you ever managed to give any up?

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