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Warning Signs of Adrenal Fatigue ...

By Leiann

In this video, learn the signs of adrenal fatigue and that it could be the reason for your anxiety, sleep problems, and joint pain.

There are basically seven signs to be aware of. Such as:

1 Poor Digestion

2 Insomnia

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3 Anxiety or Depression

4 Stiffness or Pain

5 Feeling Overwhelmed by Life

6 Exhaustion after Working out

7 Wacky Hormones

What I thought was different was in the video, we are told to go to bed at 10:30 pm every night and even if we are not tired, to lay there anyway. Usually, the experts say that if we cannot sleep after 10 minutes or so, to get up and do something. I usually think to myself that if I am just lying there that I am wasting precious minutes of life. But, the video says 10:30 pm sleep or no sleep.

I hope you like this video.

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