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Quality sleep is vital to re-energise the body and mind. But it also lowers stress levels, prevents weight gain and maintains a healthy immune system – this is how sleep helps keep you young. How long you sleep and the quality of your slumber has a real impact on your life. Sleep keeps you young by providing you the energy to keep active and alert. There are very good reasons why experts tell us that we should sleep for 7-8 hours a day so please read on to understand more about how sleep keeps you young.

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Less Stress

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to your state of mind and managing stress levels. When we are stressed, our metabolism and hormone balance can become skewed, and these factors contribute to our ageing process. Good quality sleep helps keep you young because it is restive and restorative and aids repair those internal imbalances.


Heart Disease

Did you know that insufficient or poor quality sleep was a factor in weight gain, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes? All of these can lead to a great risk of heart disease. Making sure you get at least 7 hours shuteye ensures sleep keeps you young and at less risk of health problems. According to a study at UK’s Warwick University, if you have less than 5 hours sleep a night, you could be doubling the risk of having heart disease.



If you’re thinking you are too young to be worrying about wrinkles, please think again. How you live your life can also contribute to the natural ageing process. Whilst there is no direct link to wrinkles and sleep, you certainly don’t look your best when not getting enough sleep. It’s the other risks associated with poor/insufficient sleep that have the link to looking older prematurely. Poor health generally, stress, lack of sufficient energy to keep fit, etc can be reduced because good sleep helps keep you young and may well stave off those wrinkles for longer.



You may be wondering how weight is related to sleep. You may recall I have already mentioned that insufficient sleep can play havoc with your metabolism. Less sleep means less re-energizing which leads to cravings for sugary foods. The more you need an energy boost, the more you eat. The hormone ghrehlin stimulates appetite and the hormone leptin helps with appetite regulation. Keeping this in balance is how sleep helps keep you young. The workings of our metabolism are also why we are advised not to eat too soon before bedtime. Metabolism slows down and you don’t burn off food as quickly as during time you are awake.


Keeping Fit

One of the most notable side effects of lack of sleep is the corresponding lack of energy. You might be able to get by on sheer adrenaline on certain occasions, but you can’t for any prolonged period. If you are struggling to find enough energy to just get through the day, the last thing you will be wanting to consider is sapping yourself further with exercise. Giving you the energy to keep fit is one of the other important ways how sleep helps you stay young looking, and keeping fit links into other issues discuss such as weight and heart disease.


Human Growth Hormone

One of the hormones that helps repair and rejuvenate skin is the human-growth-hormone, also known as the ‘youth hormone’. This hormone is mostly released during deep sleep. This is why so many anti-ageing face creams are called regenerative, and are designed for night time use as they supposedly help regulate youth hormone production. If you aren’t getting sufficient sleep, no amount of anti-ageing cream is going to help you look younger.


Active Brain

Your brain needs re-energising just as much as your body. People who lack sleep suffer from inattention, lack of focus, inertia, lethargy, poor memory and general mental sluggishness. These factors can create stress – particularly if you are unproductive, and also much furrowing of brows when trying to concentrate – adding to the old wrinkle problem.

Now you can see how sleep helps keep you young maybe you should ensure you get those 7-8 hours every night. Here are some excellent tips on how to sleep better health.allwomenstalk.com

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