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8 Ways to Improve Your Diet and Live a Healthier Life ...

By Casey

****Everyone wants, craves, and needs to be healthy, and you’re in for a treat, because there are 8 ways to improve your diet that won’t inconvenience you. Once you start improving your diet, you’ll feel better about yourself and the healthy decisions you've made. Are you ready for a new you? Do you want it, do you crave it, do you need it? Well here are ways to improve your diet.

1 Eat a Whole, Hearty Breakfast

Ditch the sugary cereals and the fatty pastries. It’s time to start the morning right by eating a healthy breakfast. Keep your home stocked with eggs, low fat or non-fat Greek yogurt, and oatmeal. To mix it up, throw in some vegetables to make an egg white omelet and throw in some berries to make a yogurt parfait or oatmeal more tasty and flavorful. A healthy breakfast is just one of the many ways to improve your diet.

2 Drink More Water

Water will not only help you stay energized and minimize hunger, but - news flash! - it's zero calories! Instead of wasting your daily intake on high-calorie beverages during your meals, opt for water. Water will save you all of those calories and has a ton of benefits. Water burns fat, clears up your skin, fulfills your hydration needs, keeps the oxygen circulating, and aids with weight loss.

3 Watch the Portions

Instead of eating right out of the box, eat on a smaller plate. It is much more likely that you will eat less when eating off of a smaller plate. The key is not going back for seconds… or thirds. A big issue that us women have is eating whatever is in front of us, no matter how big or small.

4 Do NOT Ignore Those Cravings

Do you REALLY want that candy bar, that brownie, or that movie theatre popcorn? Then go for it. Just remember everything in moderation. Take a bite or two and put the rest of it away. The bite will satisfy, or should satisfy, the craving that would have continued to eat at you. You wanted it, you got a taste of it, and enough is enough.

5 Snack with Good Intensions

Who needs those Oreos or those potato chips, when you could be having a handful of almonds, a sliver of dark chocolate, or cut up vegetables? Almonds are a great snack and have many benefits including an enhancement to your focusing abilities and mental clarity. A piece, notice I say "a piece," and not a handful, of dark chocolate will catch that sweet tooth and is filled with antioxidants. To have a container of cutup vegetables, such as peppers, celery, cucumbers, and/or tomatoes, is as an easy way to get in those necessary vitamins as well as fill that belly.

6 Stay Active

Get off of the couch and start walking, or running, or biking, just GET UP! If you’re behind a desk all day, and not by choice, then when you get the chance, use the stairs and take the long route. If you’re one of those people who dread working out here are a few fun tips that are motivating. If you’re into technology, take out that iPad, iPhone, or the device of your preference and use the awesome apps that are available; on Saturdays stop the drinking early and start the dancing earlier, play more sports with your buddies, and if you’re a homebody, buy yourself a couple of weights and a fun workout DVD and you are all set.

7 Stop the Excuses

I’m too busy to focus on what I’m eating. I’m always running around, I don’t have time. I’ll go to the gym starting tomorrow... Stop the excuses and just start! Start to love eating healthy and going to the gym. The gym may not be the most fun, so buddy up or take classes. The music and the people around you will motivate you and push you to be a better you. If you love being healthy and fit, it makes being healthy and dieting whole lot easier.

8 What You Eat in Private, You Wear in Public

Although I encourage you to snack, stop reaching into the snack cabinet for a handful of Swedish Fish or a hand full of Doritos. People wonder why they put on some weight when they’re 'so good" when choosing their meals. Well stop wondering and start eliminating sugar filled, fat filled, carb filled cabinet snacks. It’s time to start getting comfortable in your own skin. When you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself.

After going over the list, being healthy and improving your diet is not as hard as it seems. Just be conscious of what you put in your body and how you treat your body. The better you are to your body, the better it will be to you. Start feeling sexy, hot, and fit. Leave the boohoo-ing behind! Now that you have all of these ways to improve yourself and your diet, will you wake up tomorrow determined to be a better you? Are there any tips that you can think of to help others improve their diet?

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