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At the young (okay sort of young) age of 34, I know many ways to live a long healthy life. Why you may wonder? In my professional life, I have trained people in their teens, middle age and upwards to eighty and I have learned quite a bit through this process. And I live each day to the fullest learning from my clients and taking the knowledge from each day and using this to shape my future. So what are the ways to live a long healthy life?

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Don’t Stress

In your life you will go through many ups and downs and there will be many times you will feel helpless. Take a deep breath and don’t stress. Stop worrying about the laundry you have to do and do what you can. Be okay with leaving the rest for tomorrow. Don’t stress because stressing will only cause you more grief. Eliminating stress or at least minimizing it is one of the best ways to live a long healthy life.


Do What is Right

If you live each day doing what you know is right you will guide yourself in the optimal path. So help out a friend in need, call up your family to let them know you care, and thank your parents for all that they have done. Make the right choices and you will be on your way to live a long healthy life.


Find Time for Fitness

Aside from lowering your risk of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and MS, fitness will help to balance your mental state and keep sickness at bay. Maintaining your fitness will help you to live a long healthy life!



Kick your feet up and relax because in a crazy busy world with constant deadlines, meetings, parties and events it is rare to just sit and relax. Relaxing is important for our mental state because we all need a break. Take a break and you will be glad you did!


Eat Healthy

Vegetables, fruits and whole grains will balance your mood and help you to have better health. This is a key component in living a long healthy life. Use healthy food as your natural medicine rather than eating junk food as poison. Show your love your body by nourishing it with the healthy choices you make.


Go for Your Dreams

You want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer so where do you go from here? If you have hope and aspirations, go for your dreams. Set out a plan and live out your dream. Stop wishing on a star and start working. As you achieve your dreams you will live a longer life because you will feel fulfilled.



Be positive and smile; studies show that positive people produce positive results. So start smiling and just believe. Even when life throws you a curveball, smile because you will work your way around this. With a positive outlook you can put everything into perspective and come out ahead.

I hope you live a long, healthy and happy life living out your dreams, smiling more often, dancing through life’s happy moments, and just being you! If you embrace who you are you will find self-satisfaction and you will achieve. What are your dreams? And by the way, what age would you like to live to? I am hoping for 102, and to still be running while living healthy!

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