8 Phenomenal Ways to Look after Your Health the Rest of the Year ...


8 Phenomenal Ways to Look after Your Health  the Rest of the Year ...
8 Phenomenal Ways to Look after Your Health  the Rest of the Year ...

There's no time like the present to take control and start looking after your health, no matter what age you are. It’s easy to say we’ll do it tomorrow, we’re too busy working or life is too hectic at the moment. Instead, use every moment to live healthily, eat healthily and think healthily. Here are a few ways to look after your health.

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People say they’ll sleep when they’re dead, when they are super busy or super involved in something. Of course, there are times when you want to go for it 24/7, but don’t make not getting enough sleep a habit. Sleep not only rejuvenates our bodies, it affects our mental health too. The brain needs a decent amount of sleep to function properly. Aim for at least 6 hours sleep a night, at the very minimum.



Doctors exist not only for times when we are in trouble; they are also able to help us prevent a whole bunch of illnesses. Have regular check ups with your doctor and if advised, consult a specialist. Women should have regular mammograms and pap smears. People over 50 should perhaps have their colons checked. Get your teeth X-rayed by your dentist every few years to see that all is well. Check your heart, and your blood pressure. These are all good ways to look after your health.



Speaking of dentists, there is probably no more important way to look after your teeth than to floss. To really get the benefit, flossing needs to be done every day and in a certain way. If you are unsure how to floss, invest in a lesson with an oral hygienist.



We all know what healthy eating is, yet we are drawn to junk food, fatty food and sweets. Don’t give them up entirely. Rather eat them in moderation, and do your best to eat healthily the rest of the time. This means lots of vegetables. Contrary to what most people think about eating lots of fruits, you should eat a maximum of three a day. Fruits have sugar in them too. So does wine, so if you are drinking wine, factor that into your total sugar intake. Eat red meat in moderation, and stick with fish and chicken. Most of all, enjoy your food. Eat slowly and savor it, don’t wolf it down!



Studies have shown that the key to a happy life is to have a few very good friendships with people with whom we can really share. Spend time with these people. Get off social media for a while, and have face to face visits. Conversely, spend as little time as possible with people you don’t like.



We are bombarded with news every day. What’s happening at the White House, Donald Trump’s latest tweet, Brexit, the tragedy in Syria, terrorism around the world… It is exhausting, and frankly, bad for our mental health. Try to restrict the amount of news you read to a certain time of the day. Refrain from getting news updates constantly or watching the news just before you fall asleep.



Although the needs at the office may seem too pressing to allow you to go on holiday, there is a reason why people need holidays. The mind needs to take a break from stress, as does the body. If you are in a regular job which allows for holiday days off, take them. Make the most of any free time you can have to refresh your body, spirit and mind.



Laughter is the best medicine, there’s no doubt about it. In contrast to reading the news every day, find something to read that makes you laugh. Perhaps a cartoon? Or watch an animated movie. Or spend time with little children, or puppies. Laughing is good for the soul.

Do you give yourself enough TLC?

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