9 Ways to Sneak in Exercise ...


9 Ways to Sneak in Exercise ...
9 Ways to Sneak in Exercise ...

Are you looking for ways to sneak in exercise to your daily schedule? We all know exercise is important for living a healthy life. Sometimes finding time to get a good workout in is difficult. That is why I have put together this list of 9 ways to sneak in exercise. With the help of this list you won’t have any more excuses to not get a little exercise each day.

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Take the Stairs

We’ve all heard it before. One of the easiest ways to sneak in exercise is to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. If you live in an apartment complex think of all the extra calories you can burn just by using the stairs. Also, think about the sexy muscle tone you will be building in your legs.


Park Further Away

Here is another classic. While you may not burn a ton of calories parking further away from the entrance at the grocery store, you will get in a little more exercise. Making little changes slowly start to pay off.


Clean House

A day of cleaning is a great cardio workout. Think about all the moving you do vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and dusting. Doing these things will take you around your home a few times. Play your favorite tunes and bust out some awesome dance moves and you’ve really got yourself a workout.


Get Busy Watching TV

At the end of the day you probably want to sit back and enjoy your favorite TV shows, but deep down inside you know you really need to workout. Why not combine the two? If you have an elliptical or stair climber you can put on your shows and get moving. You can also use commercial breaks do squats, push-ups, and sit-ups.


Desk Workouts

Don’t underestimate the amount of exercise you can do right from your desk. There are tons of great ideas out there. Here a few moves to get you started. The first will help tone up your butt. Simply squeeze your muscles and hold for 10 seconds. Release and repeat for 15 reps. You can also try seated leg raises. Simply straighten your legs under the desk from your seat. Hold them in the air for 10 to 15 seconds. Slowly lower your legs back to the ground without touching the floor and then repeat.


Deliver Messages Instead of Email

Another way to get more exercise in at the office is to deliver messages to your co-workers instead of sending emails. Get up and walk around. You probably need a break from sitting in front of the computer anyways. The short walk will do you good. Just don’t spend too much time walking around and socializing and not enough time actually working.


Walk or Bike as Transportation

The weather is getting nicer and we should all spend a little more time outdoors enjoying the warm sun. It’s perfect weather to go for a walk or ride a bike. In fact, many people bike or walk to work or around town instead of driving. I have one friend that lives in a very busy city. He gets to work on his bike faster than he does driving because of all the traffic. He burns over 500 calories on his way to work.


Physical Work

Are you looking for a new job? Why not consider something that will have you up in moving instead of sitting behind a desk? What better way to add a little exercise to your day than having it be a part of your work day. If you get enough physical exercise at your job, you may not need to spend as much of your time off working out.


Play Hard

As a mom it sometimes seems impossible to find a moment alone to get in a good workout. On the days that you can’t get away to go to the gym or get on the treadmill, play hard with the kids. Chasing after toddlers can be exhausting. Enjoy those moments playing hard with your little ones. They grow up too fast!

How do you work in exercise to your daily routine? Do you find ways to sneak in exercise throughout the day? Let me know what you think of these suggestions and if you will give any of them a try.

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This actually works!!

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Lol. I honestly think that half of these articles repeat so many things that they've already said. Nonetheless. I still love reading them!

Soo true

Great tips

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