3 Ways to Spot Fake Supplements ...


3 Ways to Spot Fake Supplements ...
3 Ways to Spot Fake Supplements ...

Advertising is a way to grab the consumer`s attention and sell the benefits or qualities of an item. Though you hope for an honest presentation of what to expect, sometimes marketing campaigns or claims stretch the truth about an item. Think about massive and instant weight loss claims some dieting programs offer. While those may be a little easier to identify as fake, some deceit is more subtle. No one wants to buy a fake product, but too many cases of consumers being duped into buying a poor quality imitation are reported. Though you can save a lot of headaches by shopping for quality products, healthy foods, and private label supplements from reputable retailers, you still need to know how to spot a fake.

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Check the Price

It doesn`t matter if you are shopping online or in-person, an item`s price point is one of the first indicators that you are dealing with something fake. Most people are willing to spend more on items that have quality ingredients or components, such as custom made furniture or custom made supplements. However, a product should be able to stand up to the claims that are made about them. If a vitamin capsule is truly organic, then it will naturally cost more to produce. Name brand items are often more expensive than their counterfeits. You may be excited about saving money and looking to a lesser-known brand, but you are getting what you pay for. A bargain could be leaving you with little nutritional value, imitation materials, or fillers. Compare the advertised price to the recommended or average price of the product online to see if your great deal is nothing more than an opportunity for a retailer to unload fake products to an unsuspecting buyer.


Look at the Quality

A product is able to sell for a lot less when the components are of poor quality or have been produced using cheap processes. Thin cloth, fake leather, and used electronic components are things that may try to be passed off as the real thing, but closer inspection can show that it isn`t authentic. When you are looking at health supplements, it takes a lot more research and digging around. Not all supplements are FDA approved, but having earned that label proves the supplement has passed rigor testing and production standards. You can do more harm than good to your health with fake health supplements.


Examine the Packaging

You can inspect the product packaging to help determine an original from a fake. Most reputable businesses and brands will have high-quality packaging with freshness seals, adequate wrapping, and clear labeling. A suspicious package, one that is constructed from cheap or flimsy plastic and materials should send up a red flag. Items that are being sold without any packaging or without an ingredients label, you can almost guarantee they are fake. A company with nothing to hide will let you know exactly what it is in the supplement you are buying.

When you are proactively purchasing supplements to support good health, you don`t want to mistake a fake product for the genuine thing. The price might be right, but the deception and quality aren`t worth the expense and potential health damage.

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