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What do They do the ABCs of 19 Awesome Essential Oils ...

By Jennifer

Essential oils can be used for just about anything, but it can be kind of overwhelming to figure out which oils to use, and for what. I can help! I've scoured the interwebs for all the info you need, in a handy alphabetical format. Here are a few of the most popular essential oils and their uses.

1 Aloe Vera

You've probably already used aloe vera in gel form to help soothe a sunburn but in its oil form, it's great for banishing dandruff and helping with skin irritation of all sorts.

2 Argan

My first exposure to this miracle oil was the Josie Maran brand from Sephora. It works wonders of biblical proportions on hair, nails, and skin. Dab a little on you cuticles to soften and strengthen, use it as a facial moisturizer, and/or run some through your hair to give it shine.

3 Avocado

Sure, they're tasty is guac, but did you know those same omega-3 fatty acids are great fr your skin, hair, and nails, too?

4 Coconut

This is my go-to facial moisturizer, and its anti-bacterial properties help with acne, too. I love that at room temperature, it's a solid, so it's perfect for travel.

5 Carrot Seed

Did you know carrot seed oil is a natural sunscreen and natural skin detoxifier?

6 Castor

If you've got dry, coarse hair, this is the best-ever hair oil for you.

7 Calendula

Whether you're using it to fight acne (it gets rid of redness and inflammation), or to reduce under-eye bags, calendula oil works beautifully.

8 Chamomile

Drink cup of chamomile tea while applying the oil to your skin for a double-whammy of soothing and calming.

9 Eucalyptus

This is great as a natural insect repellent as for wound care. I love the scent, too!

10 Grape Seed

Grape seed oil can also help with acne, because it's a natural astringent, and it contains anti-inflammatory chemicals.

11 Jasmine

If you're looking to fade sun spots, age spots, or acne scars, jasmine oil might work for you.

12 Jojoba

If you're trying to combat oily skin or scalp, then this is the essential oil for you. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but a few drops is all you need.

13 Lavender

Sure, lavender oil can help you sleep, but did you know rubbing it on your temples can also help with headaches?

14 Olive

Olive oil is great for skin - my grandmother used it to get rid of severe facial scars after an accident, and she also swears by it for wrinkle-reduction. She looks great, so I'll say it works!

15 Peppermint

Everyone knows about peppermint's invigorating powers, but did you now you can also use peppermint oil to soothe itchy skin and to help ease headaches?

16 Rose Hip

Rose Hip oil is rich in lycopene and vitamin C, so if you're trying to avoid getting stretch marks during weight gain or loss, try it!

17 Rosemary

I love how rosemary oil smells! I also love that rubbing it on sore joints can help with arthritis pain, too!

18 Tea Tree

Did you know tea tree oil is anti-bacterial? That's why it's become so popular in skin care, especially for acne or eve nail fungus treatment.

19 Ylang-Ylang

Want long, luscious, thick locks? Then use a little ylang-ylang oil at the roots to help promote hair growth.

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