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8 Wonderful Snacks for a Work out ...

By Jordin

I’d like to share a few great snacks for a workout just in case you don’t know what you should be eating after you get done working out! You can never go wrong with fruits and veggies, but if you aren’t a veggie fan, there are some other non-veggie snacks out there that are much better and healthier to snack on after you finish working out. You need to replenish your body’s energy store! Keep on reading to learn some great snacks for a workout!

1 Dried Fruit with Nuts

One of my favorite snacks for a workout is mixing dried fruit and nuts! It’s the perfect sweet and salty treat, and it’s packed with protein and healthy fats. Go for a small portion since nuts are high in calories. One small handful will be the perfect amount to give you energy without over-doing it!

2 Cheese and Crackers

The trick for this snack is to reach for low-fat, non-processed cheese. Pair it with a high fiber cracker and you’ve got yourself the perfect snack! Aim for about 10 crackers since this is the perfect size for a snack. Filling and nutritious!


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3 Cottage Cheese

Many people don’t actually realize the health benefits of cottage cheese, but it’s an excellent source of energy. You can pair cottage cheese with just about any fruit or veggie that you like, or spread it on whole-wheat toast to get a few carbs in. Try adding a little salt and pepper or some chives or parsley to give the cottage cheese some flavor.

4 Fruit Smoothies

Who doesn’t love a fruit smoothie? I like to make my fruit smoothies with plain Greek yogurt and honey. I alternate which fruits I put in them, but some good combinations are strawberries and blueberries, pineapple and strawberry, or mango, cantaloupe and cilantro. Get creative to see what your taste buds like!

5 Rice Cakes

If you’re craving something a little sweet, have a rice cake! Rice cakes will give you the carb boost you need after a workout. I love to have mine with some almond butter or peanut butter, but get experimental and try out what appeals to you!

6 Turkey Roll up

A delicious, wholesome, and completely yummy post-workout snack is a turkey roll up! I make mine using whole-wheat tortillas, fat-free ranch dressing, reduced fat cheese, sliced turkey breast, and spinach leaves. You can add whatever you like though! Try different veggies to alternate the tastes, or leave out the ranch if you don’t care for the flavor.

7 Energy Bar

If you don’t have a lot of time to whip up a snack, but need something on the go, grab an energy bar, or even a granola bar. I like to keep a stash on hand to have ready at a moment’s notice. You can find energy bars with chocolate in them to curb a sweet tooth! Granola bars with raisins and other fruits in them are especially healthful.

8 Yogurt

Yogurt is an awesome post-workout snack since it is full of calcium. Calcium helps to fight muscle soreness, so depending on what your workout consisted of, you may be glad you chose yogurt as a post-workout snack! Try mixing fresh fruit or granola into your yogurt if your taste buds need a little texture.

If you work out on a regular basis, then knowing which snacks to reach for after a workout can really help speed up your progress. If you’re eating candy or junk food after a workout instead of wholesome foods, you may not see the results you’d like to see. What are your favorite snacks for a workout?

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