Toxic Habits of Life You Need to Stop Right Now ...


Toxic Habits of Life You Need to Stop Right Now ...
Toxic Habits of Life You Need to Stop Right Now ...

You can have toxic health habits and not even realize how dangerous they are. You may not even see them as something that threatens your health at all. Learning about toxic health habits is important. It arms you with knowledge so that you can make the healthiest choices possible.

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Texting While Driving

Most of us are guilty of having done this at some point. But it’s a terribly toxic health habit! Not only does it endanger your life but also the lives of others riding with you and those in the vehicles around you. It’s tempting to answer a text while driving but resist the temptation! It can help to have a policy of always keeping your phone in your purse while driving. Better yet, silence it so it won’t be a distraction.


Sleeping in Your Makeup

This habit is toxic to your skin. Your skin needs air to breathe at night. Skin does the most regenerating and recovering while you sleep. When your face is covered in makeup, it can’t do this important work. Additionally, this sleeping in makeup can cause a massive acne breakout.


Eating a Lot of Sugar

I absolutely feel your pain on this one! I have a strong sweet tooth and find cake, cookies and candy to be delightful treats. But sweets aren’t good for you. In addition to having little nutritional value, sugary treats can raise the risk for diseases like diabetes and cancer. They can also contribute to issues with your weight. Try to limit them so that they’re actually a treat and not an everyday appearance in your diet.



Smoking is absolutely toxic! It’s horribly dangerous. Not only does it raise your risk for lung cancer and other lung diseases, it can raise your risk for heart disease and stroke. If that’s not enough, it ages you so much faster than if you were a non-smoker. This’s a toxic habit you need to give up now!


Holding a Grudge

Holding a grudge may not seem like it could be dangerous to your health but it is. When you hold a grudge, you’re holding onto anger and hurt which are negative emotions. They’re also normal emotions but they should be processed and worked through so you don’t experience any ill effects of them. If that’s difficult for you then you may need to talk to a counselor or even a good friend to help you work through them. Choosing to let grudges go is just that, a choice. It can take time and you may have to make the choice daily for a while but you can do it.

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To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Having a Negative Attitude

Not everyone is naturally optimistic. It would be wonderful if we were! Some of us are realists or even pessimists. No matter what you naturally are, you can work toward having a more positive attitude. Try to see the good in each situation. In time this will come more easily to you.


Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

Having an active lifestyle is so important. It helps you maintain a healthy weight and is good for your heart, lungs and entire body. But it’s not easy to do, especially if you’re in school or work at a job where you’re at a desk the majority of your day. In those situations, you have to make a special effort to get the exercise you need. Wearing a pedometer or other tracking device can help you see how active you truly are and encourage you to get more exercise.


Blowing All Your Money

It's all fun to be able to go out and drop hundreds on this or that, but what are you going to do later on when you need a car repair or to pay a medical bill? It's never too early to think of retirement and the more you save now the more you'll have later on in life.



Not only are they extremely damaging to your body, drugs destroy friendships, relationships, families, and your bank account. The older you get you'll realize it isn't "cool" like you thought either. And there's always the possibility of overdose leading to death which means you don't even have a chance to live a fulfilling life.


Working Too Much

It's awesome to have great work ethic and determination in the job force! But when your family, relationships, and even your health suffer because you're working too hard, your job has become toxic to your life and you need to cut back before you get burnt out.

These'er 10 toxic health habits you need to break now. Are there some you need to work on? What other bad health habits do you want to break?

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Agree with all of these, plus it's illegal in some provinces to do number 1. I got a ticket from an uptight cop for it....

As one who deals with it, depression is a health issue which can have catastrophic consequences if it's not managed properly. Please be aware and consult your health care provider if you are dealing with it.

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