8 Incredibly Healthy Benefits of Eating Clean Always ...


STOP and put that bag of chips down, because there are so many more benefits to eating clean than in that oily, greasy bag of chips. Believe me, I know; while in college and in the office, its just so easy to take a trip down the hall and slide your school ID or dollar into the vending machine to grab a bag of chips, but stop right there. No more use of the excuse, "it’s so convenient," or "I have such a craving." Pre-pack your "clean" snacks and meals the night before so that it’s even more convenient to just reach into your desk or bag for your midday snack or lunch. There are so many benefits to eating clean that once you go clean, you never go back!

1. Healthy Weight Management

While eating clean, make sure to avoid processed foods, saturated fat, and large, unnecessary portions and make sure to start having whole foods, monounsaturated fats, and small meals throughout the day. All of this will contribute to maintaining or getting to your healthy weight. Under the eating clean approach, you will be less tempted to overeat and your metabolism will improve. There is energy that is used to digest food so therefore eating less but more during the day will impact your metabolism and will give you energy to fuel muscle recovery. This is just one of the many benefits of eating clean.

Eat Better, Sleep Better - Sleep Better, Eat Better
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