7 Brilliant Reasons to Carry a Donor Card ...


Donor Cards have been around for a long time, and saved so many lives; it is clear that carrying one is a wonderful thing to do. Yet still the majority of people don´t have a donor card. It takes so little time to sign up for one, and has such amazing benefits. If you haven´t yet registered, here are some compelling reasons why you should get a donor card right now …

1. Saves Lives

It should go without saying that donor cards save lives;

but here´s a reminder.

The first successful kidney transplant was carried out in 1954;

with 3,700 transplants carried out in the UK alone in 2009, hundreds of thousands of lives must have been saved over the years.

Maybe even millions!

So carrying a donor card is an amazing thing to do.

Sauce for the Goose
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