7 Clear Benefits of Cold Showers That You May Want to Consider ...


Standing under cold water in this wintry weather may be the last thing you would ever want to do, but before you dispel the complete thought of it, take some of the benefits of cold showers into consideration. Believe it or not, but many cultures have incorporated cold water dousing into their religious ceremonies for certain rituals. Even Spartans enjoyed cold baths as they believed that they had limitless health benefits. So if Spartans enjoyed this health therapy, why shouldn’t you? Just take a look at the many benefits of cold showers.

1. Increases Metabolism

Cold showers will take you one step closer to the body you have always wanted. When exposed to cold, your body naturally stimulates the production of brown fats, which are involved with burning energy. The more brown fat you have, the more calories you will burn per second and lose weight. Due to increased fat levels, your metabolism will naturally speed up since your blood pressure and body temperature will be increased and therefore the chemical reactions will occur at a faster rate. Who knew one of the benefits of cold showers was increased metabolism?

Increases Hormone Production
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