7 Crucial Things Every Woman Should Know about Menopause ...


Most of us don’t want to think about menopause at all, yet there are important things every woman should know about menopause to survive this time the easiest way possible. I can go ahead and tell you that at 28 years old, I never imagined I’d have to learn about these issues so soon. Past mistakes I made related to a ten year period of malnutrition and strict dieting led me to enter menopause as early as 27 years old. I went through perimenopause for a period of five years and no matter what I did in terms of gaining weight, I never was able to recover my menstrual cycle and therefore entered menopause at a very early age. Instead of ignoring my body during this critical time of need, I decided to educate myself on things every woman should know about menopause, not just someone going through it as young as I did. If you’re unfamiliar with signs, symptoms and treatments for menopause, check out these quick tips as well as some of the sources at the end of the article.

1. Know when It Starts

One of the most obvious things every woman should know about menopause is exactly when it starts. A woman’s menopause is considered to be the start of a one year mark that she has been without a period. So if you’ve been without your period for a year, count back to the last month it occurred and that was the start of your menopause. Menopause is considered to be final after one year without your period, and then you are considered to be in post-menopause, in which you never have a period again. After you have been without any periods for a length of 10 years, it is safe to say you are in post-menopause for the rest of your life and at this time, any vaginal bleeding is considered abnormal. If you are at a healthy body weight and still without a period, you are either in menopause or in post-menopause.

Lower Stress However Possible
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