Do These Things 👇🏼 Every Morning ☀️ for a Natural Detox 🌱 ...


I prescribe to the notion that if you eat right and exercise regularly, there is no need to go on any specific detox. There is nothing natural about starving your body of vital nutrients for a day (totally ineffectual) or for a week (dangerously unhealthy). Your body detoxes naturally if you eat the right things in the right proportions. And there are things you can do each morning to boost your body’s detox powers.

1. Stick to Your Alarm and Get up when It Goes off

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One of the first steps to achieving a natural detox is to make sure you get up with your alarm in the morning. Though hitting that snooze button and grabbing an extra ten minutes sleep might seem like the best idea at the time, one of the worst things you can do is allow your body to enter in another sleep cycle, it will only be harder to drag yourself out of it and you will feel fatigued all day.

Drink a Glass of Lemon Water to Stimulate Your Digestion
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