How to Get Relief from Plantar Fasciitis ...


Do you suffer from arch or heel pain and need to know some effective remedies for plantar fasciitis? Your feet are literally your support and when they are in pain, it affects your whole body. Plantar fasciitis is simply inflammation of the plantar facia that runs along the bottom of your feet. It's generally a stabbing pain caused by a number of things, such as inadequate arch strength, obesity, strenuous exercise, improper foot wear, and faulty foot mechanics which can include the way you walk. Keep reading for some great remedies for plantar fasciitis that will bring relief!

1. The Barefoot Grip

One of the best remedies for plantar fasciitis is strengthening your arches. Spending years with our feet in shoes causes the muscles to relax, which diminishes muscle strength and support for proper walking. Practice gripping the ground several times a day with your bare toes, allowing your natural arches to dome up and be strengthened.

Lose Weight
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