7 Essential Benefits of Adopting the Practice of Zen Meditation ...


The practice of Zen meditation essentially revolves around observation of your thoughts and how your mind and body operate.

It's a practice different than most meditation, which is done generally for relaxation, deep breathing and stress relief.

Zen meditation is used for deep-rooted problems, anxieties and questions about life that you don't necessarily have answers to.

It's getting to the core of our problems instead of temporarily relieving the symptoms!

You don't need to be a Buddhist to practice Zen meditation - you can simply want tranquility and peace of mind and perhaps a deeper connection to another faith you may practice!

Below are 7 essential benefits of adopting the practice of Zen meditation.

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are natural parts of life.

But don't let them rule your life, which can negatively impact every other area!

Learn how to truly manage your stress and anxiety by emptying the mind of those intrusive and debilitating thoughts, and replacing them with the knowledge of whatever truth you're seeking, is freeing.

That's a huge benefit of the practice of Zen meditation.

2. Clarity of Mind

We all struggle with clouded minds and busy-ness of thoughts.

In our culture our minds run turbo speed in order to keep up with the business of life!

But that also means clarity of thought and the ability to make wise choices are impaired.

With practice, Zen meditation can limit the number of intrusive thoughts that filter in during meditation.

It can also allow mental clarity to replace the fogginess of our thoughts.

3. Helps Chronic Depression

Many, many people are diagnosed with chronic depression daily.

Most people are prescribed various antidepressants to combat it and often become dependent on them or suffer side effects.

Depression is usually the result of chronic anxiety and stress, which is caused by factors either unknown or known to us.

With deep meditation and focus, it's possible to bring to the surface the true reasons behind chronic depression.

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