5 Wonderful Benefits of Meditation You Need to Know ...


5 Wonderful  Benefits of Meditation You Need to Know ...
5 Wonderful  Benefits of Meditation You Need to Know ...

There are tons of benefits of meditation. For the past little bit, I have gotten into meditation and I have noticed some of the benefits that have been part of the research that comes from it. I feel that meditation has the stigma of being extremely weird and boring. You don’t have to go all monk on everyone in order to meditate. Meditating is as simple as normal breathing exercise or just following a guided breathing exercise. These are some of the benefits of meditation I have personally experienced since I got started.

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Less Stress

It’s remarkable how a lot of my stress has just gone away. Meditating brings me into a place of release and I feel so light and fluffy after I complete a guided session. I am able to not think about any of my problems or worries for 30 minutes and I feel that my decisions are more rational and thought out. Less stress is one of the best benefits of meditation.


No More Sleepless Nights

Ever since I have been meditating the past year I have noticed how I’m getting more sleep. I just feel more energized and ready to go in life. Personally, I meditate before bed because it gets me relaxed enough to close my eyes and drift off peacefully and it helps me to stay asleep.


Decreased Irritation

For most of my life, I have been prone to getting irritated easily with people who upset me. But since I have gotten into the world of meditation I feel more calm and patient. I don’t get near as irritated and I don’t find myself getting upset over the little things. I feel more at ease.


Better Mood

My overall mood was increased. I’m just a happier individual. In general, I’m positive but for a little while I was so negative and I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the funk. Thankfully meditating has been a huge help and I feel more like my normal self.


My Brain Doesn’t Feel so Scattered

I have anxiety and depression and around 3 years ago I went through what I like to call a year long mental breakdown. Ever since my brain hasn’t been the same. Once your psyche breaks, you can’t ever get it back to the way it once was. Meditating helps me to keep my mind more organized. Everything doesn’t feel like it’s all over the place. Yes, I do struggle with hardships but I don’t feel uncontrollably overwhelmed.

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