Facts about Zika Virus All Health Obsessed People Should Read ...


You’ve no doubt heard of the Zika virus. After all, it’s all over the news these days. Zika virus is one that can harm your health, and while it may not be all that prevalent in the United States, it has cropped up in other countries and could find itself to the States pretty soon. When it comes to your health, it’s important to understand the things that could compromise you. Here’s what the health experts want you to know about Zika virus.

1. Zika Virus is Transmitted through Mosquito Bites

The most common way to catch Zika virus is via a mosquito bite. When a person with the virus is bitten, then you are bitten by the same mosquito, you could wind up with the illness. However, pregnant women can also pass the virus to their unborn babies and it can also be passed through unprotected sex and through a blood transfusion. Knowing how you can get the virus can help you protect yourself.

What Are the Symptoms?
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